The Top 5 Things that Frustrate Me the most in Gears 3 *beta*

"I come home, I sit down, turn on my Xbox, and try to relieve stress that’s been built up during the day. Playing the Gears 3 beta is completely counter-productive because everyone I match up with seems to lack any sort of manners whilst they are on the battlefield shooting at other people. Here’s some examples of what really grinds my gears, so to speak:"

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oghost852729d ago

I'm glad I don't play gears anymore the first one was awesome.after that it went way... down hill for me anyway. it seems no matter what "improvements" the developers make, someone is going to complain about something else that THEY don't like.MY best advice move on..

maxcer2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I don't know how you can say that. I went back to gear1 after a few weeks of gears3beta and two years of gears2 play and its a big step back. clunky character movement, less weapons, no cover-cancels, you can hardly wallbounce. seems like you liked the oneshot sniper down to make it easy. Don't hate on the game because you get worked over by 90% of the players online.

Pyscho_Mantis2728d ago

bu the online gameplay was solid in gears 1. First of wallbouncing was bs especially in gears 2 were it took half an hour to get into matches sometimes cuz the lag gave false impressions. Moar weapons yay but still not as many I would have thought. Dont you remeber ow everyone used to run to a pillar at the beginning of the match and shoot the pillars to see the lag. I luv gears 2 though but I hate three Its become too casual with super speed, retro stab, sawed off, camos wtf and all tactics have been shot out the window and replaced with rush the spawn with shotguns.

oghost852728d ago

lol.. worked over? GET OVER yourself tough guy I get it YOUR number #1 mlg pro super star gamer right?.. GEE mister tell me more Random percentages that you got from Nowhere.. lol

aviator1892729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Get rid of the sawed-off shotgun as a loadout weapon, put it somewhere strategic on the maps for pick-up, and that'll fix most of my frustration.

RaymondM2728d ago

So many problems with this game. Thank god im just looking forward to the Co-op and story and not the online MP

Murgatroyd72728d ago

I'm with Raymond. I'm still really excited for this game, but 20 minutes of the beta is about all I need. Just like the previous two games, playing versus online simply isn't all that fun.

Eiffel2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I had a rough start, overall it's pretty good. Has it's B.S moments. Though, they really need to scrap that Sawed-Off, the damn thing is cheap as mofo. Possibly not include it as a load out weapon at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.