Will Sony Ever Ban Trophy Hackers?

Gamers Outlook "Something that many gamers probably already heard of, has been a greater threat to the PlayStation Network. We are talking about hacking trophy, a way savegames to conveniently manipulated by a large number of trophies to unlock."

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awiseman4793d ago

Hope so, MS dont hesitate to lay the ban hammer on gamer point and avatar modders..this is no different

TOO PAWNED4793d ago

Sony to ban someone? Lol. They don't have a clue when it comes to online. I am level 13 btw. Since they don't even bother with cheaters it kind a loses it's role. What's the point?

zootang4793d ago

Trophy hackers now that is just sad. I'm sure if you knew someone who hacked his trophies you wouldn't care.

HeavenlySnipes4793d ago

I got banned before because my PSN: "Iamsofakingraw" was 'inappropriate' lol (I had it for about 1 and a half years to). I called them and they said they could change it and unban me and I chose 'HeavenlySnipes' (my new name would of been as cleverly vlgar as my first but I had to spell out the new one for the guy on the phone and say it so I wouldn't of got away with it lol)

Theres my story.

tehpees34793d ago

I don't see the point hacking them. it takes away the feeling of accomplishment when your hardwork pays off

Will-UK4793d ago

@HeavenlySnipes it was good of sony to let you change your PSN though I thought they would make you create a new one.

HeavenlySnipes4793d ago

I thought of that but I didn't want to lose my trophies lol. The only bad part was that random glitches happened.

I lost random trpphies (I have the complete GOW on Titan trphy, but not any of te Boss trophies), for some strange reason, no one on my friends list can play KZ2 online because it gives people an error message saying "player already online" and I also have no stats on KZ.com but ingame I can see my stats. I got reset in COD MW2 (it was summer last year that this happened), had to re-add my friends list (40 ppl :( ) , and for some reason my old account still exists in my Resistance 2 clan "Iamsofakingraw" is still registered as an officer of the clan while my current name "HeavenlySnipes" is registered at the same time as a member.... makes no sense I know lol.

Will-UK4793d ago

@HeavenlySnipes lol sounds like alot of complication happened wow but at least you could keep some of your data from games you should try phoning sony again to restore you killzone stats.

BattleAxe4793d ago

I could care less if people hack trophies. They're only fooling themselves. How you can take any pride when you've hacked all your trophies is beyond me.

Commander_TK4793d ago

No, it u hack shitty secured games like MW2, then it's not the hackers fault. Besides, I don't know any trophy hack besides MW2.

ECM0NEY4793d ago

"They don't have a clue when it comes to online"


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Scyrus4793d ago

funny awiseman

didnt MS just un ban everyone? even the people burning games for free? lol double standards, honestly trophies dont give you anything so who cares, its just a number, one that doesnt affect anyone

maxcer4793d ago

only in your delusional mind.

Scyrus4793d ago

wait........so besides status and bragging rights what do trophies/achievements do?

please inform me, I didn't know I got Rewards for these things. Do you think because you have 400k gamer points or 200 platinum trophies that you can beat me in any game?

lmao please. aslong as you know you earned them yourself with your skill its fine,

dont let someone who cheated bother you lol

Spitfire_Riggz4793d ago

Trophy hackers?? Thats retarded.

saladthieves4793d ago (Edited 4793d ago )

I hope they find a way to fix this or ban these modders.

On the side of things, It's really hard to read on this website with a giant face of drake with makeup on his eyes staring like that!

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Nitrowolf24793d ago (Edited 4793d ago )

i hope so, but there is one issue i know of and thats if people have 2 PS3. They could use both PS3 all they want except if they wanted to copy a save onto the other system (with same PSN account) all those trophies would pop up under the same time stamp

Focker4204793d ago

Thats exactly what I was thinking. Trophies are for self-gratification and a way to keep track of your accomplishments. It can also give you an idea of your friends gaming habits and compare them to yours.

Its not like theres a contest to see who has the highest trophy level. Trophy hacking doesn't mean anything. It makes some nit-wit feel better about themselves. So what? It doesn't affect anyone, so if someone wants to fake their trophies for some petty willy waving contest, then so be it.

FAGOL4793d ago

'Trophies are for self-gratification and a way to keep track of your accomplishments'.

That's exactly how I feel about them. When I platinum a game I know i've played the single player thoroughly. When I platinumed my 1st game (Uncharted) I was so happy.

FAGOL4793d ago

Nope. I don't look at other people's trophies and say hey he's a high level he/she must be awesome at any game. In fact I don't think anyone gives a ****.

talltony4793d ago

It matters to me because I got 27 platinum trophies and I dont want people thinking I hacked to get any of them.

CynicalVision4793d ago

I don't know if it's worth a ban, perhaps Sony could implement a algorithm on the network in order to delete hacked trophies from a users account.

Max_Dissatisfaction4793d ago

Sony? Algorithm? Network? In order? I've heard of dream big but come on./ i kid, I kid

maverick404793d ago

There are trophy hackers?News to me.