E3 2011 - Rumors and possible announcements

As the 2011's edition of the E3 draws near, so do the rumors and anticipations of what might and might not be announced. In the past few weeks the web has been filled with unconfirmed news, but some of them might actually be true. Here you'll find a little "top 5" of the biggest rumors and their actual possibility of beein confirmed next month in LA.

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iamnsuperman2727d ago

If the PS4 and/or Xbox 720 were announced (which i highly doubt) that would be one big shock and one awesome E3

LOGICWINS2726d ago

Yeah, I doubt it too. I don't believe the PS3 and 360 have reached their primes yet.

captain-obvious2726d ago

i can see MS only SHOWING a new console
just like sony did with NGP
but im no sure if we are going to see any new hardware on the market from them in the next 2 years at least

TronEOL2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I agree with you in relation to the shock factor, but I'm gonna say they'll be saving that one for E3 2012. Just because Nintendo does it doesn't mean Sony and Microsoft have to. We won't even see games make full use of the new N-console for at least 2 years.

So to be honest, Sony and Microsoft shouldn't be in any hurry.

Also, I'm pretty sure once the new N-console is released in 2012, the hype of the impending announcements of the new-big-two will squash it for the hardcore gamers. Which will likely see them released in either Fall of 2012, or early 2013.

DeadlyFire2726d ago

I think that at least one of PS4 or Xbox 3 might be hinted at during E3 2011, but I doubt they will show up. Maybe at E3 2012. If not they are risking alot by spacing out time between Nintendo and themselves. Every year = money. Certainly SEGA crashed when that happened years ago to them, but this time its possible a reverse effect might happen. Just depends.

PS3 and X360 may not of reached thier primes yet, but they have another 5-6 years of life to do so even with a new generation older brother to come out.

I believe very firmly that Microsoft and Sony both have new console plans aimed for 2012/2013 with an E3 reveal the year before. I am very certain E3 2012 you will get all three consoles revealed.

KDubyah2726d ago

Hahah, two people are on the wrong site.. :P

Lamarthedancer2727d ago


You have a bigger chance of GTAV coming up

jonboi242726d ago

with rdr done and out of the way rockstar north probably have had a lot of time to work on Agent. an e3 showing is not out of the question

cloud4952726d ago

Hopefully, but it still has higher chances than RDR2

metsgaming2726d ago

Only if they announced Star Wars Battlefront 3 but that aint going to happen. Even if they did looking at lucas arts recent games it wont be of good quality anyway, ugh.

DeadlyFire2726d ago

Well there are 3 possible projects coming to E3 that are possibly Battlefront 3.

Spark Unlimited ?
Crytek UK ?
Rebellion ?

Lucasarts just rehired Republic Commando directer and signed deal with Unreal Engine 3 for use of its engine for years to come. So its very likely Republic Commando 2 could be in the works or at least planning stages right now.

There is a countdown for May 4th on So it might be related. Says all will be revealed. Likely to do with movie or something, but its possible to have game related announcement as well. Its been awhile since a great SW game came out.

nevin12726d ago

I can't believe E3 is a month away. I mean NGP was already revealed and the Wii 2 seems confirmed. Sure E3 will be there real comming out party but...............

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The story is too old to be commented.