IGN Reviews Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

IGN: "When the first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater hit the PlayStation back in 1999, it redefined what an extreme sports game could be. Its control scheme set the industry standard for years to come, and its goal-based progression has been the basis for most similar titles since then. A year later, Neversoft followed up the game with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, the nearly-perfect sequel that took everything to the next level and set the bar high enough that competing franchises quickly died off attempt after attempt."

The review is here, so find out what IGN thinks of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.

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wangdiddy825591d ago

A flop right here.. I think this is the highest score so far..


Looks like SKATE is the game to buy.

rushbd5591d ago

It convinced me to go and get a skateboard . Now i'm learning it from scratch . No i'vent yet got a scratch on my body from it. but looking forward to it. :D Skate has almost real physics. just grind over anything and watch the replays. Amazing stuff. Tony Hawk looks unreal and cartoony. Skate is the next thing to the real stuff.