5 Video Game Franchises that Need to Die

Video games are not strangers to exploitation and monetizing. Franchises are often carried through the sales market merely on brand name alone, and while sequels are usually a good thing for fans, sometimes it's important for developers to know when to call it quits and move on to something a little more innovative and worthwhile. These five gaming franchises are the most guilty of being beaten to death with excessive spinoffs, sequels that change very few aspects of the already stale gameplay, and constantly garner mixed critical reception. Developers, take note. Please move on from these franchises

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meepmoopmeep4531d ago

why does ANY franchise need to die?
if it has fans let it be and STFU
no one is forcing you to buy them

Agent VX4531d ago

I thought the list was fairly decent for the axe. These games are getting old already, lets have the developers get off their arses and think of something new already.

Time to move on folks.

SinnedNogara4531d ago

I wish that the licensed THQ and DDI franchises were on the list. Those are terrible

sonysuks4531d ago (Edited 4531d ago )

mortal kombat franchise needs to not let the fatalities get edited and make the game a sissy a-- mother controlled franchise.

give us the blood and guts in great detail.

the name is "MORTAL KOMBAT" not "PLAYING NICE"

f-ckers that's why I have not bought the new mortal kombat vs DC

The game was founded on it's fatalities and brutality, give us a

amped up version of that.

table4531d ago

they forgot about halo :)

Elven64531d ago

Metal Gear is a much older franchise even if you count the Marathon series. So is Mario, your point?

JOLLY14531d ago

some people like to watch movies...

Handsome_Devil4531d ago

IMO, I see MGS as a story and a good one, I know I got it for the story
it just get you in it. but Halo, is FPS and they never been a good story tellers like MGS

and thats my opinion :)

JOLLY14531d ago (Edited 4531d ago )

IMO I see Halo as a story and a good one. One great point is YOu don't need someone showing you hours worth of cut scenes just to get their point across. There is a great back story....if you want to look for it. If you just want the story laid out in front of you, that is also there. The story telling doesn't hold your hand like mgs. I guess Bungie didn't want to shove a story down your throat.

and that's my opinion :)

YogiBear4531d ago

I think the Halo franchise is an over-rated turd. That's just my opinion. Have a nice day.

andyo134531d ago

i have to agree with you strongly there. I'm sick of halo getting all this credit when its really only an average fps. And im sick of all the merchandise it gets. its turning into mario soon we'll have the master cheif racing against the convenant and playing tenis together. as it is they just made an rts

JOEdANGEL4530d ago

Halo has only had four games, so its hardly a beaten to death franchise. Look at Final Fantasy. It's had like 30 games and it's still going strong. If a game is still fun and people keep buying them, there's no reason for them not to make more.

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Skizelli4531d ago (Edited 4531d ago )

MK doesn't need to die. It needs to grow up. Its original fans (me included) aren't 12 years old anymore. Ed Boon has done little to evolve the gameplay. UMK3 was the last competitive MK. Everything afterward has been garbage as far as gameplay is concerned.

I'll agree that the latest Sonic games have been crappy, but you can't kill off an iconic figure like Sonic. That's like killing off Mario. Good luck with that. What Sonic needs is another mind-blowing 2D game. 3D just isn't cutting it.

Funny to see two Activision franchises in the list. No surprise there.

Fowack4531d ago

after they release MW2 that is.

Myst4531d ago

I don't think sonic needs to die, they pretty much could go back toward the old ways, which was purely running and jumping like it was back on the Genesis (Or even dreamcast if some prefer those). Guitar Hero though, I feel as if the franchise itself is being thrown out way to fast. Most of the songs on those newer games could have been DLC on World Tour instead of giving people the option of forking over 50~60 dollars.

It seems like most of the games on the list are the games in which began to steer away from their past presentation and tried to form a new one, though I wonder if it went back to the old ways (Sonic, Tomb Raider, and even Mortal Kombat) would people then say that they need to die?

farhsa20084531d ago

hey fvck you for bringing mortal kombat into this, MK is for hardcore fans and we love it

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