Bobby Kotick is the Devil

Bobby Kotick is the Devil. Perhaps not in the literal sense of having scaly red skin or giant horns, but he has shown that he is capable and more than willing to suck the soul out of any franchise he feels he and Activision can milk for every single dime its worth before tossing it's empty carcass to the side.

So in reality, he's more like Galactus than the Devil.

Regardless, Kotick has helped in the complete roll-reversal of the two big game publishers. After all, a mere five years ago Activision was being hailed for its new and original IPs while Electronic Arts, the studio now publishing Mirror's Edge, Dead Space and Brütal Legend, was busy driving the Need for Speed and 007 franchises into the dirt.

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BlackPrince 424975d ago

Barring the Modern Warfare set of games, I have no occasion to buy any of Activision's games.

PacoDG4975d ago

Completely agreed. Rock Band has already taken over Guitar Hero. Activision shows they don't care about new IPs (I mean.. EA having Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, and Brutal Legend.. we're living in a new era here). I just want my Modern Warfare 2. Then I will pray every night for Infinity Ward to head out and do something on their own.