GameSpot Reviews Tony Hawk's Proving Ground: 6.5/10 for 360 and PS3

Perhaps that's the biggest problem with Proving Ground. While the surface and structure of the game have seen more than enough changes to fill a bulleted list, the underlying gameplay and tasks have been done better in previous entries in the series. If you're a fan of the series who has been patiently waiting for Proving Ground, you'll probably find enough to keep you busy and keep you mostly satisfied, but it's likely that you'll be at least a little disappointed with this year's model.

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Evil0Angel5591d ago

i hope EA(SKATE) have nothing to do with the low rates suddenly this series getting

Kleptic5591d ago

what?...this franchise needed some was getting gheyer and gheyer every year since the third entry...although project 8 was probably the best since pro skater 1 and 2...still didn't come close to number 3 though...

if the real game is anything like the demo...its trash...there are once again some decent ideas, but most of which are poorly executed...or least that is what the demo would leave one to believe...

akaFullMetal5591d ago

well to bad for this game, i loved the earlier ones, but grew tired of them after the second ps2 version, o well guess i wont get involved in this one as well, hope some people enjoy it though

Funky Town_TX5591d ago

This is like TH10. Time to kill the franchise and move on.

gamesblow5591d ago

Maybe Activision and THQ should ditch their old ass 3rd generation engines for something new... Maybe then WWE and Tony Hawk wouldn't suck so bad and look and play so dated. Smacks.