1UP Gives 5.5/10 to Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Unless you've completely conquered Project 8 and are thirsting for more uninventive Tony Hawk action, Proving Ground doesn't offer any compelling reasons to give it a chance as a full-price game. It's unpolished, unfocused, and proves nothing more than the now undeniable fact that the series needs a serious makeover and a lengthy vacation. Competition is always good, but it's now more painfully evident than ever that Tony Hawk is merely an unfulfilled promise of what a skateboarding game can truly be.

chester5980d ago

after skate., tony hawk looks tired and ridiculous. they've never had any kind of competition for THPS, so we'll see how they react to it. all i know is i'll play skate for a very, very long time and won't be going back to any kind of current TH ever again.

chester5980d ago

yeah skate is really, really good. i liked tony hawk back in the day, but after playing just the demo for skate i knew i'd never play another tony hawk again. skate just feels like a real skateboarding game. of course it's unrealistic in parts, but for the most part it's about angles and timing and execution and it's fantastic. the worst part of the game is when it goes too "tony hawk" with christ air's and such. but it really is a great game.

C_SoL5980d ago


SKATE's better without a doubt.

TheMART5980d ago

So EA can do things right


xplosneer5980d ago

If only the online was a tad better(For both sytems it's incredibly laggy) then this would have been a 9.2/10 for me. It's down to an 8.5 with the online but it kills Tony Hawk none the less.

MK_Red5980d ago

Activision is simply milking the series, Amercian Wasteland was the death of Tony Hawk games. Haven't tried Skate but it looks way better and got 9/10 from 1UP.

+ I think this is the lowest score for any Tony Hawk game to date.