Interview with Seed Studios, new details on Under Siege

PSuni writes:

Earlier today we reported that due to the PlayStation Network outage, Seed Studios will be delaying Under Siege until the PSN services are back online. While we wait for the game release, we decided to hold a quick Q&A with Seed Studios lead programmer Bruno Ribeiro to uncover new details about the title and why gamers should take interest in Under Siege’s upcoming PSN release.

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rdgneoz32823d ago

Somewhat. They're basically gonna listen to what the players want. Also, with a custom map editor, there's really no need for DLC outside of additional stuff for the editor.

"Our objective is to try and make sure that map creators are only limited by their imagination and not the editor."

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2823d ago

This could be the game that gets me into rts's.