Movemodo Talking Point: The Impact of the PlayStation Network Disaster

The recent attack on PlayStation Network has made headlines around the world, even reaching the US Senate as players, analysts and politicians come to terms with what has happened. Movemodo's James Newton attempts to get to the bottom of the outage's long-term impact.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2821d ago

Man, things are getting rough for SONY. After securing my credit card I'm starting to kinda feel bad for them. Not SONY as a company, but the individual people that that make up SONY. This must be a nightmare for them and I pray heads don't roll because of this mistake.
In the spirit of Easter, I choose to forgive this mistake. We are all human right? Yes even sony.

nycrekid2821d ago

i think in the interest of not sounding like drama queens these articles should refrain from using the world "disaster" and "catastrophe", especially in light of what has just happened in Japan and is happening around the world.

What mistake are you referring to. The fucking PSN got hacked and everyone seem to be blaming Sony for getting violated! WTF do we blame rape victims for getting raped, robbery victims for getting robbed, murder victims for getting murdered? Come on guys let's not lose perspective here. Sony and the consumers here are the victims of internet pirates and hackers! Go after them!

And blind hate isn't? Too much of ANYTHING is not good. It goes both ways dude.

The least people can do is have some common sense and put things into perspective.

pocketaces112821d ago

I was just coming to post the same thing nycrekid. This crap is getting out of hand I always threaten not to come back to this site with all the friggen fanboyism both ways and lack or intelligent comments in the most part.

My conspiracy thought is that microsoft did this... I wouldn't put it past them

Back to the point very low using the word disaster in this article.

Slapshot822821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

This is how things work in this world now - Sony has a federal crime committed against them, and it is now their fault!

Makes me sick, and I don't care what company it happens too! The hackers are the criminals, and they are the ones to blame!

Joe29112821d ago

They have committed a federal crime, by waiting so long to tell us, its law to inform customers of a breach of security and they played us the fool - saying it was nothing (maintenance), then something to do with the Japan Disaster, then they are rebuilding and OH SH*% HACKERS GOT YOUR CC AND PERSONAL INFO!!! And they don't even say sorry or tell us anything to do with when PSN will be made available again

Rybakov2821d ago

mhm mhm and you think the US government tells the nation when there has been a break in national security NO they do not...only when they can't cover it up do they say something and by then its too late and hundreds are dead......and they dont have to tell us anything they only way they would break federal laws is if they sold our CC and personal info....user agreement dude should actually read it sometime, they can shut everything down with out a reason and you couldn't complain cause you agreed to it

showtimefolks2821d ago

the were not sure what was going on so they hired a outside firm to investigate and that takes time


Slapshot822820d ago

I agree that Sony has it's faults and hasn't handled this situation well, but I still stick to my main point - If it wasn't for peoples desire to hack the systems and ruin it for everyone else, this issue wouldn't exist!

moparful992821d ago

Sony is a scapegoat this generation... Everyone wants a head to place the blame on and since they can't get at the hackers who are actually to blame for this the alternative is sony for "allowing this to happen". What gets me is people are in arms about how easy it apparently was but it took 5 years to hack the system, not easy.. But nonetheless people will martyr sony anyway...

taylork372821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I look at the situation as a whole.Blame goes to both parties IMO.

The hackers get all the blame for causing it, but Sony gets part of the blame for how they handled the situation.

Fnboys all say how everyone should know that this is going to happen everywhere...which is true. If we all know its going to happen everywhere then why was there such a poor response to it.

I don't think Sony is the scapegoat this gen at all. For this situation, yes they are, and again some of it is warranted.

The 360 RROD was a lot hairier than this IMO, and it should have been. Consumers have no doubt lost more dollars from that than they will from this.

moparful992821d ago

Everybody keeps talking about "how sony handled it" but dont you think that taking psn down as soon as they learned of the intrusion was the right move??? It took them 6 days to disclose the nature of the intrusion because they were investigating and had no knowledge of what was affected... I really don't think that sony did anything wrong.. But thats me..

taylork372821d ago

"Everybody keeps talking about "how sony handled it" but dont you think that taking psn down as soon as they learned of the intrusion was the right move???"

I can't disagree.

"It took them 6 days to disclose the nature of the intrusion because they were investigating and had no knowledge of what was affected... I really don't think that sony did anything wrong.. But thats me.."

Are you seriously going to keep believing that they had no knowledge of what was affected? Its seems to me they kinda knew but weren't 100% sure. Since I believe they had some idea, there is no excuse to not inform the consumers of the possibility that their data isn't safe. They took a chance by not saying anything and it turns out they should have. It was a PR move that didn't work out. That's what I think they did wrong. You are entitled to your opinion of how it worked out, I'm just guessing as well, but take the goggles off for one sec and realize that chances are they knew more than they were saying.

Hellsvacancy2821d ago

Itll be forgotten about as soon as the PSNs back online

Pillville2821d ago

If personal info hadn't been taken, I would've agreed. This now extends beyond online gaming.

pocketaces112821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

It doesn't matter if personal info got taken they don't have the 3 digits of the back of your card they can't do anything with the info. and my plans take over the world were not stored on my ps3 so they didn't get that either. take a pill pillville this is not as bad as all these sites make it out to be and it could have happend to microsoft just as easily but they probably paid someone off to avoid it happening to them then paid the same people again to do it to sony

edit: I wish they would ban that disagree button(or attach a forced comment attachment to the disagree... disagree with what I agree this comment is not as well thought out as what I usually post but please tell me what you disagree with.

taylork372821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I have ordered plenty of things online that didn't require the 3 digit number on the back of your card.

That's what I disagree with.


And I am assuming that you are joking about MS paying someone to do this. That might explain some disagrees.

Fishy Fingers2821d ago

Month or two and all this will largely be forgotten.

Then we can all get back to the old N4G we all know and love... console comparisons and monthly sales figures :)

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