PSN Information Leak: How to protect your identity

VGW: If you’re like me, you have a PSN account, and if you’re further like me, you may or may not have had information taken from a mysterious hacker. Because of precautions taken by my bank in a recent situation I’ve been through this kind of process before. In response to learning about the compromise, you can take these 9 quick precautions that could improve your chances of not being negatively affected by the situation. I’ll also try to inject some humor here because hey, this is a stressful time.

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iamnsuperman3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

"Still, if a hacker can get access to your card number and personal information, they may still need to be able to call your bank or credit card company to obtain your account information"???? so there is no such thing as security questions????. The bank isn't going to give up details over the phone especially without the security questions like you account codeword (i.e. first pet, favourite teacher, random word)
I am expecting spam more than money disappearing. Are issue numbers are apparently safe which is good. They could have some forms of my identity but not all of it (valid passport/ driving licence numbers)

The big thing here is change passwords to all email accounts that use the same password as the PSN.

killyourfm3507d ago

Over the phone? I've used both chase and wells fargo and they never ask for a secret question. Account number, last 4 of SSN.

iamnsuperman3507d ago

My bank always ask for secret question over the phone. Added level of security

TurismoGTR3507d ago

I dare a hacker to get my info.. I'll sue them!

totter873507d ago

Hey there,

This is Chris, the author of the article. I thought I'd lend some insight into why I didn't mention security questions. When I got on the phone today I did actually get asked security questions, but you'd be amazed what kinds of information identity thieves have access to. My mom once got e-mails from potential identity thieves with personal information containing family members' names, addresses, etc. I'm not saying these measures are inaffective, but depending on what your questions are, they can actually be really easy to figure out. This is why they say that, for example, you should never use your mother's maiden name. In all likelihood the attack will probably yield little to no identity theft but I wrote the article assuming a worst case scenario where the hackers have gotten additional information that could help them through your questions.

I do appreciate the feedback though, you bring up a really good point. Cheers!

slazer1013507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

I got a weird email today. It was from a site calling itself Visa/Mastercard Secure.

They said my card had been frozen due to suspicious activity and to unfreeze it I need to resend all my info. What made me suspicious is they asked for my pin along with everything else.

Just got off the phone with my bank and they said that there is such a legitimate web site that is called Visa/Mastercard Secure and there was no unauthorized transactions on my card. They also thought it was unusual they asked for pin #.

I just deleted the email. I don't know if I'm being paranoid or what but I think I'm going to cancel my card just to be safe.

In other posts I'm all quit freaking out about CC fraud, no big deal your CC has fraud protection. lol

iamnsuperman3507d ago

I get those all the time claiming to be my bank...more often than not a bank I am not a part of. For me Yahoo mail has got better in filtering these

slazer1013507d ago

All I use is Yahoo. Not been working so good lately. Have been getting a lot
of email scams. Usually I can tell there fake but this had the real Visa/MasterCard logo so that's why I called

TheDivine3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

I got one in my pops name asking for paypal details exc thing is i used his cc on my ps3 with my email coincidence? Idk im changin everything pronto, it had some bs link which i wasnt gna open. I dnt use cc or debit cards so im good as i just use cash but i dnt want some jackass usin my info to get credit cards or crap like that. Sony really f'f up bigtime here.

kingdavid3507d ago

Heres another thing..

How the hell is sony gonna allow us to change the pw if we cant even access PSN?

This is f'd sony..

ComboBreaker3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

Sony will probably send out new temporary passwords to everyone, to the email address that you signed up with. Then you can log in with the temporary password to change your password permenantly.

That way, hackers can't log into your PSN as soon as PSN is back online, using your old password.

bobrea3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

LOL @ Idiots who open retarded emails and can't take basic steps to protect themselves from identity theft. This is like getting a computer virus; it only happens to idiots.

karl3507d ago

thats soo true..

i havent use an antivirus in the last six years and until today all my computers are mostly ok...

ECM0NEY3507d ago

Antivirus is the biggest scam next to bottled water IMO.

dkgshiz3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

lol wow....even if our info has been taking from PSN...which nobody has confirmed yet. All they could do is charge some shit to your CC and then your CC company will call you and ask you if you have been making any charges lately to your CC. You tell them "nope" and problem solved.

kneon3507d ago

Both Visa and Mastercard have Zero liability policies so it will likely cost most people nothing even if someone does use their card #.

If you've used a debit card it could be much worse.

JEW_UNIT3507d ago

I removed my CC way before the attack...Am I safe?? Help?

kingdavid3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

Even though sony said it happened between april 17 to 19 im sure its impossible to tell. This couldve been happening for a while without sony knowing.

How long ago did you do it? Seriously I would probably cancel it anyway just to be sure.

JEW_UNIT3507d ago

About a month or two ago.

kingdavid3507d ago

Process took me about 3 seconds on the phone to cancel and get a new card.

Its worth the peace of mind bro.

mirumu3507d ago

Hopefully you are. Depends on whether or not removing a CC number on the PSN also removed it from their database. Wish I'd done that too in hindsight.

BShea3507d ago

I would imagine you are, but they still likely keep that information of previous payments somewhere. I don't claim to know where it works, but I highly doubt PSN just deletes the card number permanently without any trace after it's gone.

JEW_UNIT3506d ago

Thanx everybody...I just went ahead and canceled my card just incase...It appears xbox live is having the (kinda) the same problem right now.

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