New Armored core 4 screens.

Here's some new Armored core 4 screens, Some ingame and some renders.

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Asuka5369d ago

sweet, this game is going to be amazing!

Asuka5369d ago

There appears to be quite a few new corporation, i wonder if the originals would make a return like Mirage and Cresent

specialguest5369d ago

ive always loved the Armored Core series, and this one i will definately get. my custom armored core is gonna have : 1 strong canon type weapon, a rapid fire handgun, missle pack, spider legs and a medium size generator. i can't wait to destroy the noobs online.

Asuka5369d ago (Edited 5369d ago )

right arms: Burst rifle
Left Arm: Burst rifle
Core: Med size (with orbitals)
Head: Radar function
Legs: Humanoid med sie
Arms: Med size
Back Left: Grenade launcher
Back right: Chaingun
Med size generator
High reinforced cooling
And decoy-missilepods for the shoulders

Oh, and some optional parts

Jay da 2KBalla5369d ago

I cant wait to play this on 360. Man this game is looking good.

achira5369d ago (Edited 5369d ago )

yes the game is looking best on the ps3. i have never played such game before, but i would like to play it. knows someone earthsiege ? i think this was a very good game. i thing the modern games are too fast. but nevertheless i will buy this game !!!