Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks Every Hardcore Gamer Should Hear

AJ Lysiak writes: "Sadly, Video-Game music is often stereotyped as being “not really music at all.” Some think Video-Games will forever feature retro 8-Bit stylized music. While others find it humorous that anyone might sit down and listen to say, a well composed Final Fantasy album.

The point is that this genre of music as a whole is not well respected. Ironically, songs like the “Halo Theme,” The Immortals' set of Mortal Kombat tunes, or the “Mario Theme” can garner a universal following which is virtually unquestioned. Yet to the average non-gamer or casual-gamer, the Advent Children version of FF7's “One Winged Angel” for example might sound like a silly mush; and not the beautifully orchestrated piece it actually is. Here are some soundtracks to games that are not as well known compared to the likes of big-hit RPGs and classics."

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BattersUp4049d ago

Nice to see someone choose something besides a complete list of Sqaure/Enix soundtracks.

kraze074049d ago

Missing the OST for Zone of the Enders 2.

BattersUp4049d ago

that would of been a nice choice.

ally123454046d ago

Any of the Silent Hill soundtracks deserve a mention.
Beautiful and terrifying soundtracks.