Joystiq review: The Eye of Judgment

It's not uncommon for video games to feature gameplay dependent upon gimmicks and peripherals, from early 8-bit examples like Gyromite to more modern releases such as Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, each of which changed the gaming experience by altering how gamers interact with the games they play.

In this way, Sony and SCE Studios Japan's The Eye of Judgment is one of the most ambitious experiments with game design to date, and in leveraging off of the considerable card game experience of Hasbro and its Wizards of the Coast subsidiary, best known for the Magic: The Gathering and Star Wars collectible card games, The Eye of Judgment's pedigree is certainly not one to be taken lightly. Marrying a tabletop card game with the PlayStation 3 has created an experience that is if nothing else unique; unfortunately the lynchpin in this union, the newly launched PlayStation Eye camera, is also the game's Achilles' heel, oftentimes bringing an unwelcome sense of frustration to players gaming in anything but the most ideal settings, something which Joystiq covered in much greater detail previously.

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TheHater4024d ago

so what the hell did they give this game? I didn't see a score any where

Microsoft Knight4023d ago

the score was 23% the same score all pos3 games got.

Leg-End4023d ago

why pos3 instead of ps3 i dont get it...

anyway, do u hav nowt better to do?

InMyOpinion4023d ago

Another failure for Sony?


the only failure is you. The game does look appealing and this is what sony brings to the table..I forgot 360 has scene it WOW

trane074023d ago

WTF are you talking about? the game itself is getting impressive scores from gaming sites.

AllroundGamer4023d ago

afraid of innovation? typical xbox fanboy...

InMyOpinion4023d ago

There's a difference between lousy gimmicks and innovation. That's why you are playing with a ten year old, rumble-less controller on a console that constantly gets stripped of functions. First rumble, now BC. Innovative indeed...

AllroundGamer4023d ago

have you seen other games out there on any platform, that brings so much innovation with the use of camera as this game? and you always has the choice to buy a PS3 with or without the BC... do you think putting an old technology like DVD drive in the xbox was innovative? but yeah, making a console with over 30% failure rate was probably something new to the gaming industry :D

InMyOpinion4023d ago

LOL! Gotta hand it to you =) That comeback was ace.

Camera games have been around for a while (PS2 eyetoy being pioneer) and I still don't see the joy in that kind of gaming. It's just awkward if you ask me.

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RadientFlux4023d ago

shame it looked fun... hopefully Sony can either update the camera firmware or provide a fix... because it seems that is the only problem with the game

RealityCheck4023d ago

Reminds me when the Wii first came out and people were reporting that the wiimote wouldn't work well if sunlight hit the screen and stuff.

The PS3 camera, just like the PS2 camera or any camera for that matter, will be susceptible to lighting conditions.

In any case, this game by its design is set to appeal only to a niche group (battle card players) and is not likely to break sales record of any kind.

I think the diversity is nice. I hope it pleases battle card players.

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The story is too old to be commented.