Portal 2: This is Steam on PS3

Check out some details and screenshots of Steam for PS3.

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shikamaroooo3657d ago

wow that looks heaps good can't wait

Ocelot5253656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

also keep in mind that this steam-overlay consumes some of the PS3 RAM, the 360 version has no steam in-game thus no RAM-loss for the 360

and yet the PS3 is equal to the 360 version(or maybe even better? less blurry on the PS3?).

This is a whole other story than the orange box on the PS3, where the lack of instant reload was omitted on the PS3 due to RAM limitations.

I think PS3 orange box owners deserve a patch which removes the blur filter, brings real AA, instant reload after dying, constant 60fps, and all the TF2 DLC. This should be a walk in the park for valve.

and THEN I will truly forgive valve

captain-obvious3656d ago

valve is the best developer in this world hands down
best PC exclusives
and now best multiplats (PS3 xbox360 and MAC)

Ocelot5253656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

so you guys want to leave your version of TOB as it is?

I ain't so forgiving as you guys. Paid goddamn €70 for it.

shwiggity3656d ago

then that's your fault for being an ignorant consumer, do some research before you buy anything...

captain-obvious3656d ago

lol @ ppl that disagreed with me
you guys think that valve is a bad developer ??

Ocelot5253656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )


Thus I am in fault when I am the victim of phising, because I should do some research first. Like for example do a whois first on the site where you enter your bank-account details.

Another example: a girl meets a boy. They go out together. The boy murders the girl.
Your logic: the girl was in fault, she should do some research first before going out with that boy.

Luckily the police doesn't use your ethics

Takoulya3656d ago

Ocelot, that's completely irrelevant. The game did no harm to you at all. The fact that you feel like a game needs to be perfect and bugfree means you have a horrible sense of entitlement. You should have done some research first. For a better example, a girl (you) goes on a blind date with a guy (TF2) and she doesn't like him because he isn't very hygienic and lacks manners. She doesn't have anyone else to blame but herself because she thought the person she would randomly go out with would be the best.

Ocelot5253656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

the PS3 orange box has the valve logo in front on the box, even tough it ain't developed by valve. Thus I expected a finished quality product. Which I didn't get. Now I don't consider valve as the best of the best anymore, unlike the many who still do.

Portal 2 did however raised my respect towards valve again. But I won't forget their sins. Unless...

Takoulya3656d ago

It's not a sin, not even close. I don't think it was even ported by Valve, in fact. It was another company, if I recall correctly.

Mr Tretton3656d ago

Ocelot, PS3 Orange Box came out 3 1/2 years ago, get over it.

Ocelot5253656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

It was ported by EA London. Yet it was sold with the valve logo on it.

Mr Tretton3656d ago

It also has the EA logo on it.

EA just ported it, of course it's gonna have Valve on it they created it.

WetN00dle693655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )


Both versions look about the same on both systems the only difference is that the PS3 version has a better use of AA. ANYWAYS Steam on the PS3 looks awesome!

Szarky3655d ago Show
JMyers3655d ago

Dude. You are way off. EA ported the Orange Box, not Valve. Although I still dislike Gabe Newell, its not the development team. Most games ported to the PS3 in the beginning were of a lower quality. Even those that were done by the same development team. So you should be pointing the finger at many other developers.

Vherostar3655d ago

PS3 is equal to 360? Why is it when a ps3 game beats a 360 game hands down you fanboys are quick to say its a draw but your the first here to say when its a draw 360 won biased much? Anyways looks great hope we get some more steam features.

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darthv723656d ago

is this an actual interface you get within the game or is this steam using the ps3 browser?

Blacktric3656d ago

It's the same ingame overlay you get with the PC version of Steam. It's not a seperate windows that gets operated by PS3's browser.

Raendom3656d ago

It's probably code within the game itself, so no, not using the PS3's browser.

Kurisu3656d ago

It's the interface that you get through the game. You can bring it up by pressing select (if the details that I've read previously are correct).

Fishy Fingers3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Havent played the PS3 version, but believe this is the in-game interface, which is accessed by pressing 'select', much like the PC 'shift+tab', but of course quite a bit more basic.

Edit: LOL I should refresh before rplying if I've had the page open for a while.

darthv723656d ago

this looks cool and the beginning of a good thing. Half life 3 will undoubtedly get this kind of support I am betting.

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BeastlyRig3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

You wouldn't know that ps3 players & pc players can play together if you only play on pc.. It's not even an option or advertised on steam!! weird!


Makes sense why PS3 Version is selling more than Xbox.

Serinous3656d ago

question... if Steam is on the PS3 now, does that mean maybe in the future we can get games like L4D or L4D2??

firetaw3655d ago

no since steam only runs inside of portal 2 for ps3. its by no means part of the XMB bar.

fr0sty3655d ago

There's nothing saying that Sony and Valve aren't working behind the scenes to deploy steam system-wide. Think about it, it would instantly give Sony a tried and true platform to combat XBL that already features cross game chat/invites/etc. and also comes with the added benefit of cross platform chat/invites/etc., which would leave MS scrambling for ways to convince it's userbase that Live was still worth that $60/yr. PS3 would suddenly gain every feature that XBL users enjoy so much and then some for free.

Also, Sony employees have gone on the record saying that since the FW for PS3 is developed in Japan, all features have to clear SCEJ first. And since Japan isn't as in to online gaming as the west, they rarely put network features like cross game chat in their priority list for new features. Licensing Steam would get around that, it's an all in one package that's ready to go.

Me thinks Portal 2 is a test run to see how well it works (cross platform, user interest, etc.) before taking bigger steps.

mushroomwig3655d ago

The PS3 could get those games even without Steam, Valve just have to port the games across.

Steam on PS3 would be great though, it's so stylish.

Serinous3654d ago

agreed. i hope Sony gets into a contract with Valve and let them do a firmware update to integrate Steam with PSN... Steam focus on certain online features and PSN focus on PSStore and products

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