Portal on Nintendo Switch v Portal on Steam Deck Graphics Comparison

FragHero writes: "The Portal games are two of the best games of all time. Whether they're the best is obviously up for discussion and completely down to preference but there is no denying the quality of the two games. With the games now out on the Switch how do Valve's classics look on the Nintendo Switch compared to Valve's own handheld the Steam Deck?"

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Orchard461d ago

Both look great. Framerate is also key with this game. I'm probably going to pick this up again for the Switch - I absolutely love Portal and being able to take it with me to hotels etc. when travelling will be great.

gamer7804461d ago

this game is super old looks good on switch but steam deck proves Nintendo needs a hardware upgrade

Knightofelemia461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

Still a great game I never played the first Portal game I only played Portal 2 on PS3 and I enjoyed it. Besides a little colour variation between the two. The framerate will have to be key on the Switch but price wise both games are on sale on Steam together about $4.30 Canadian. On the Switch both games are priced at $25.00 so consumer wise I would choose the Steam versions just because of the price difference.

Yui_Suzumiya461d ago

I got it on my Switch OLED and it sure as hell runs and looks better than the versions I have on my PS3


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anast17d ago

Low to medium settings. Don't even have to open the article.


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