Eye Of Judgement In-game Invitation

The video shows in-game invitations on the Ps3. Eye of Judgment is releasing on the 27th and firmware 2.0 is slated for release on the 30th.

xplosneer6097d ago

Well 2.0 was never announced, just the 2.0 Terms of Service, but that's sweet! Nice find!

aaquib56097d ago

If we could get that feature permeated across every game and feature on the console, I dont see how Microsoft could justify charging for XBL.

Omegasyde6097d ago

Yea and that is the point where microsoft starts to give some stuff away for free without using achievement points.

DrPirate6097d ago

Really, it doesn't show much. But it's a sign that it's possible.

My top priority feature is cross game chat.

big_tim6097d ago

any indication that it is the XMB doing the invite. Each game has its own invite system/screen.

eXplotion6097d ago

2.0 coming sooner than expected