Next Gen Graphics Engine- Octave Engine for Tekken 6

This video demonstrates how the arcade version of Tekken 6 uses the "Octave Engine". The engine will be released December 2007, when Namco then will be able to utilize it fully to it's limits. Then they can improve water effects and other effects they're working on currently on Tekken 6.

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ENNO4480d ago

looks good...ps3 is starting to not only new games but new engines...very nice :D

Sevir044480d ago

what's even more is that tekken 6's graphical presentation has improved a lot since i last saw it. it looks good now, and not just like a tekken DR clone. it looks alot more fluid and the engine looks cool two. i cant wait. it is hitting arcade this year and PS3 early next year sometime between Jan and March 08. cant wait to see it ^^

aDDicteD4480d ago

yup it changed a lot!=)

amilimos4479d ago

You're really right, i was so disappointed when i saw the first gameplay tekken 6 trailer in comparison to soul calibur's ... but it's been getting better ever since.Way to go Tekken!!! The Ultimate Beat' Em Up of all time!

Bonsai12144480d ago

isn't it more of a physics engine... but w/e it looks cool, how the water works.

socomnick4480d ago

I though that water looked kinda stupid. :/ Ive seen better water in Unreal Engine 3. The water in octave kinda seemed to react like gelatin.

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The story is too old to be commented.