SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Map Flythroughs

"One thing that the SOCOM franchise has been known for is fantastic map design, and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs keeps that tradition alive and well by delivering a slew of awesome battlegrounds for up to 32 players to wage war on. To give you a look at the spots that you'll be able to play in just a few short days, we've put together video flythroughs of every map included with SOCOM 4, including the GameStop pre-order bonus map, "Abandoned". And, as an added bonus, we've included comments from the designers and artists behind their creation."

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JAMurida2745d ago

I still think it's fucked up how they're making Abandon a pre-order exclusive bonus for Gamestop. That map should just be in the game period or be a pre-order bonus for everyone. But soon people will see that it's all about Amazon now.