Army of Two Multiplayer Hands-On

You thought the single player sounded good?It gets better.

This hands-on report was conducted at the EA Montreal studio for an EA Community day. These impressions are from the near final build of Army of Two. AMN is now allowed to talk about the multiplayer portion of Army of Two which has been under wraps until now.

The multiplayer, in view, was on point. It will extend the life of the game after the 10 or so hours of campaign have run the course. Some gamers will likely develop a love-hate relationship with the mode since so much is happening at once. Not only that, but the scoring will take time to get used to. Those minor complaints aside, the new and time-tested features in the multiplayer make it a must play.

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wil4hire4488d ago

as a "see this game is long!" Feature. Its not. Thanks to everyone and their FPS's now we will get shorter and shorter singe player games w/regular multiplayer. While they will make different quirks for it, its still running around shooting friends with no story or point. Nothing you COULDN'T DO in previous games. Its like single player is starting to no longer matter with games.

Bioshock was one of the most amazing games to date that any of us have played. Its Single player, something has to be said for that. Multiplayer in Bioshock would have been no different than any other game. So what would the point be?

Does that mean that HALO2 Has infinite game length because it has multiplayer? No. It has a solo mode that can be timed which equals length of game.

Multiplayer can't be quantified into any meaning that relates to the original gameplay of the game.

Ps3Fanboy7774488d ago

Do we need another shooter? Seriously....

For the love of god start making more MMO's, RPG's, anything but racers and shooters..

Especially with the UT engine, they are all starting to look alike. Same shiny textures, with the same camera shake..

Get a freakin imagination!

Not to mention this game has EA in its name so ill pass.

games4fun4488d ago

forget that, did you look at the screens, there couldn't possibly be any more skull pictures on those characters it was really annoying skull on the pads a helmet with a skull then even the freakin plane has a skull on it, that better not be the single player because that is one of the most uninspired things i've ever seen.

nobizlikesnowbiz4488d ago

So many are quick to hate EA. I guess I can sorta see where you guys are coming from, but has anyone taken a look at DeadSpace?

It's a Sci-Fi horror game with innovation written all over it. Plus it just plain looks NASTY. The monsters freak me out when they're on paper.

Eclipticus4488d ago

army of two? kane and Lynch here i come