GameTrailers: Infamous 2 Infamy Amplified Video Interview

GameTrailers: "Cole cranks up the power in his second outing! Find out which powers will be tempting your conscience in the interview with Sucker Punch Co-Founder Brian Fleming."

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dead_eye2746d ago

The more I see the more I want.

It's pretty cool changing powers while fighting really adds to the combat.

Ninver2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Infamous is such a unique IP. I really like the story and the atmosphere not to mention the graphics. You really feel like a superhero in this game.

Can't wait to get drunk while zapping fools in HD glory. Fun times ahead.

RedPawn2746d ago

Did he just become a baby phoenix?

Flashwave_UK2746d ago

no he turned into raiden from MGS4 wtf do you think?

RedPawn2745d ago

Never heard of this MGS4 you speak of, so I don't get it, sorry.

ThanatosDMC2746d ago

This is making me play Infamous 1... though im still offline for those N4G psn friends that are wondering.

Old Cole look is so much better than that Nathan Drake clone... Just imagine Cole with that douche look. It wouldnt be him.

Kon_Artist 2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

if not, one of the best super hero games

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