IGN: F-Zero GX: The Speed of Sega

IGN: "Console wars never change. The sides may shift, the hardware may differ and the battlegrounds may vary, but console wars never, ever change. The fight played out across playgrounds between SEGA and Nintendo fans is the very same one that rages across the internet-age schoolyard of message boards and forums between Sony and Microsoft diehards.

All of which makes those rare truces that much sweeter. SEGA and Nintendo's union once seemed as likely as a weekend break at Atlantis, but when it happened it was in the most glorious fashion."

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kesvalk2745d ago

now we need a f-zero for the wii, please nintendo...

A7XEric2744d ago

GX is probably the best futuristic racer ever made, no lie.

SilverSlug2744d ago

Game was straight up SEGA arcade goodness.

Titanz2744d ago

Having an online mode, would've propelled GX's sales.

InfiniteJustice2744d ago

GX was one of the greatest games on Gamecube. The speed was so awe inspiring for that generation