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"Captain Falcon is irrelevant to F-Zero" It's been almost 20 years since the last F-Zero game, so why did the series disappear from the spotlight?

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F-Zero 99 is Peak Nintendo, But Not the F-Zero We Wanted

F-Zero 99 is a fantastic new way to play the franchise, but it falls far short of a new game built for modern hardware.

PRIMORDUS81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I would have loved a F-Zero GX remake, not remaster, or a brand new F-Zero game.😞

Agent7581d ago

The problems with that are it'd probably weigh in at a full price game and it wouldn't include the AX tracks that are weirdly in the GameCube version but can't be accessed.

PRIMORDUS80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Actually I thihk you can get the AX tracks but it's really hard to do it. https://www.reddit.com/r/Ga...
But I think you might still need to find the arcade of AX, that would be nearly impossible today. There is hope, there is a rom hack for the GC rom that has all the AX tracks in there. 😁 Just search for: F-Zero AX Direct Boot

Abear2180d ago

This. Why Nintendo won’t fan service us with this and give Wave Race the same treatment is beyond me. Switch 2 launch games would sell them out of consoles, but we’ll prolly just get another Mario because they figure that’s enough. Sadly, they are correct.

Soy80d ago

If you want more F-Zero, make sure to give this one some love then.

sadraiden80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Was Tetris 99 a new game built for modern hardware? What about Mario 99?

Does this person not know that Fzero 99 is built on the SNES title? Were they actually expecting a brand new Fzero game? hahahahaha
Also, what's with all of the spammy ass tags?


F-Zero GX's turning 20 today but it certainly doesn't look like it

Let’s break out the wine glasses and celebrate the legacy of the last great entry in this overlooked Nintendo racing franchise with F-Zero GX!

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ShwaaMan102d ago

I bought this for GameCube the day it released, it was fantastic and I think a Switch port would totally hold up as well as Metroid Prime did. I would buy this again…

z2g102d ago

Does that say something good for the game or something bad about the progress of graphics over 20 years?

ShwaaMan100d ago

It says something good about the game. Some age well and some don’t. Standard practice for games today and features can’t be compared to 2003 because we simply weren’t there yet. Features that are standard now hadn’t even been dreamed up yet back then, it’s called progress, everything is changing incrementally all the time.
If you don’t see the ridiculously impressive difference in graphics between games released today vs 20 years ago then you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Games are approaching film quality CG in real time now. You sound like an entitled kid who doesn’t know how good he has it, who also wasn’t even here 20 years ago.

hduce102d ago

It would be a day one buy for me if this was re-released on the Switch. My favorite racing game on the Switch is Fast RMX. I would like a sequel to that game as well.

Agent75102d ago

As long as Nintendo made the AX tracks accessible. They’re hidden in GX on the GameCube.

Agent75102d ago

The AX tracks are hidden on GX on the GameCube. Weird how you can only access them using a Datel cheat disc.

DarXyde101d ago

Absolutely loved this game. Nintendo needs to stop messing around and give us a new F-Zero.

I think they're scared of releasing a new entry after all this time and the sales don't meet their expectations. There are very few racing games I'd pay full price for, but a new F-Zero? I would get a limited edition if they offered it.


F-Zero GX, a Twenty Year Reunion

WTMG's Leo Faria: "I love F-Zero GX. I loved it back then, and I love it to this day. It has aged like the finest cabernet sauvignon. And because of that, I almost understand why Nintendo has never developed or greenlit a proper follow-up: there is just nothing you can do to topple it. It would be the one instance I’d be totally okay with just re-releasing a remaster, as the final product is just too good, too damn near perfect. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss a new F-Zero. Even though games like Fast RMX and Pacer have managed to scratch the itch, F-Zero GX just hits differently. The best futuristic racing game of all time? Absolutely. The best racing game of all time in general? It’s a plausible discussion. Happy 20th anniversary F-Zero GX. You freaking phenomenal piece of software."

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