Rumor: Game Informer Mag Mentions Warhawk Expansion Pack

In the new Game Informer magazine, is mentioned a Warhawk expansion in December, here is what it says: There aren't any screens available yet, but we saw an early version of this expansion pack in action. The big news is the addition of a new vehicle: the dropship. Armed with six missiles turrets and the ability to pick up ground vehicles (like tanks), the dropship will sure change the face of battle - so much so that previous zones will be modified slightly to integrate the new vehicle.

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HeartlesskizZ5033d ago

this could be the biggest wish to come true. I even made a thread last month about the update with a new vehicle and some more maps and now this..... great thing I just subscribe to this magazine so I can check it my self =)

Young Capwn5033d ago


the worst5033d ago (Edited 5033d ago )

the 40g ps3
(reply) lol

Young Capwn5033d ago

i have the 60 gig, im just waiting for payday lol

Venom_Blood5033d ago

Great find, I also am subscribe to this mag so great for me

Jdash245033d ago (Edited 5033d ago )

O.o i just got my new game informer yesterday.........i got to go throught it now and find this article

@demon zoul...........ya your right its not in there.......ahh well til next month i guess

HeartlesskizZ5033d ago

I got the one this month( black cover one) and I went and check again but is not on this one, I think they talking about the next month one, Nov issue... cant wait

Duke Nukem5033d ago

Great, I was thinking on getting this game but was not sure until now

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The story is too old to be commented.