Sega Rally Revo Review From GameSpot

This is GameSpot's review for Sega Rally: Revo for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. It looks to be a game that should be picked up by fans of rally racing or racing games in general.

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Schmitty074481d ago

I lost interest in this game, but I don't know why

Ri0tSquad4481d ago

When I played it a 3rd time it almost felt like the game was already done before which lead me to lose interest in it as well. Might get it on the PSP tho.

iheartSONY4481d ago

I think I'll buy Dirt now. I was waiting for this game to get released and reviewed before I went out and bought Dirt. I think I'll buy Dirt now. Ummm should I buy it for the PS3 or Xbox360?

achira4480d ago

it is graphically better on the ps3. but if you prefer the 360 by it for the 360.

Real Gambler4480d ago

Only thing missing is split screen racing. Tickets are a fun way to play alone. But it's online with 12 players that this game rocks. Cars flying all over the place. And yet most races need photo finish.

Yet, what's nice, is that all three racing games are great. I guess it depends if you like playing against online opponents (motorstorm) or play home with friends, or other details like that.

Yet, thank you Sega for keeping the whole spirit of the game : )

vaan4480d ago

What a drag, I remember when Sega Rally pwned all off road racers.
The times, they are a changing.

SabreMan4480d ago

Nothing has happened to SEGA Rally, Evo continues the franchise perfectly and for me it's a perfect home arcade racer.
SEGA has done a perfect job bringing the franchise to the next gen consoles, it's pure heart pounding adrenaline fueled racing, it doesn't have damage, it doesn't have accurate handling physics as thbats not what SEGA Rally does.

Take it for what it is, purely the ultimate arcade racer i also expect there to be added content via psn or xbox live much like Ridge Racer.

Seriously miss this miss out on some heart pounding online racing

it's superb !!

vaan4480d ago

I thought the demo was fun. I liked it better than dirt. I just don't understand reviews these days.
You can't beat some Sega Rally.

InMyOpinion4480d ago

I liked the demo, it looked and played better than I had thought.

Tone4480d ago

The Demo does the game no justice!

And it seems that the reviewers never spent much time with the game.

... Its ace! ... and its amazing online :)

i have finished the game (we have had the game for over 2 weeks in the UK)and have just one more achievment to get in the 360 version, i have no problem with playing the game over again.

Multiplayer is where its at tho :D ... and everyone whom i have spoke to loves the game... if you ever loved Sega Rally of old, you will love this one.

One of the best arcade racers out there!