10 underappreciated current generation gems

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With so many games flying out every week, it's surprisingly easy to miss a few that you should play. Don't worry, though. We don't blame you for it. You're busy people, and we're here to help. Here are ten games that you can, nay should, pick up on the cheap if you get the chance.

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GWAVE4277d ago

I totally agree with Dead Space at #1. I'd also put Valkyria Chronicles and Folklore on there.

Ahmay4277d ago

at target. it was on clearance. brand new...

most of these game deserves more attention. Dark Sector, demos not so bad. but this game flopped so bad i saw it at a Fry's in Sacremento for only 5 bucks.

Silellak4277d ago

Yeah, hard to believe VC didn't make the cut.

mal_tez924277d ago

With talk of the sequel releasing I've been hearing that so many people have NOT played this incredible experience.

Raz4277d ago

I have the Dead Space platinum trophy. ..Which is totally irrelevant - I'm just really proud of that. ^_^

Panthers4277d ago

Yup it was my 2nd platinum.

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imnotgoodtenglish4277d ago

LOL sonic and the black knight.

OtherWhiteMeat4277d ago

Poor Folklore , the PS3 most unrated game. Still hoping for a sequel.

EvilTwin4277d ago

Okami is the most underappreciated game EVER.

Count the number of games that try to do what Zelda does. Then count how many actually top Zelda. If you're counting on your fingers, you should have one digit remaining to represent Okami.

Its visuals have not aged at all. The celestial brush works MUCH better with the Wii remote. It's still jam packed with more hours of gameplay than most releases.

Yet it still hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves. It has been released on the two best-selling consoles of this gen and the last one, and it probably hasn't cracked half a million in combined sales.

Venox20084277d ago

I agree for Okami.. it is one of best games ever created, and one of the most beautiful ;) I am playing at the moment for a second time :)

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The story is too old to be commented.