Lionhead Working On Multiple Kinect Ideas

NowGamer: During Lionhead's recent creative day over half of the 35 presentations for new game ideas used Kinect, Senior Designer Mike West tells NowGamer...

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skyward2744d ago

A platformer controlled by Kinect? Let's hope they've got some other ideas...

mcstorm2744d ago

Well lets hope they show them off soon or even at E3. One game I would Love them to do is Back & white 3 for Kinect.

Masterchef20072744d ago

I am not surprised since Microsoft is pushing kinect a lot. Anyways if they make black and white with Kinect it should be great.

BlueTemplar2744d ago

Yawn, we keep hearing about how much potential Kinect has and how much untapped potential it has yet 6 months after launch theres still nowt but shovelware and the expected dance/fitness/mini-game bundles

VampiricDragon_2744d ago

its because by itself kinect cant do anything.

Corrwin2744d ago

There goes the Fable series!

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