Machinima Preview | inFamous 2 Gets Its User-Generated Content-on

While chatting with Brian Fleming, co-founder of Sucker Punch, he mentioned that InFamous 2 almost had a multiplayer component. It was an element they had talked about implementing as a means to increase the life span of the game. With the ever-growing popularity of online competitive multiplayer experiences, it’s the sure fire way to keep the game in people’s consoles and off the used-game shelf at your favorite retailer, right? Well, not always. The team at Sucker Punch decided early on that multiplayer didn’t make sense for an open-world, story-driven game like InFamous. Instead they opted to head in a completely different direction: user-generated content.

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Stuart57562748d ago

I'm looking forward to this.

SlickShoes2748d ago

It looks pretty impressive, im hoping that I can get in on the beta for this via PS+, the first game was very enjoyable too.

ThanatosDMC2748d ago

There has to be some sort of multiplayer especially after seeing the lobby for the user generated content.