Kinect used to create personal action figures

So it turns out that all you need to create an action figure of yourself is a Kinect sensor (well, 3 actually) and a 3D printer. While a 3D printer is maybe a bit hard to come by it’s pretty cool that 3 Kinect sensors are all that’s needed to create an accurate 3D picture of a person!

And this is exactly what a bunch of street artist did in Barcelona. They hooked up 3 Kinect sensors to a 3D printer, had people strike ‘superhero’ poses in front of the sensors and created personal action figures in mere moments. All what these models further need is a bit of paint and they would be totally awesome! It’s really a great concept, check out the video below:

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ezcex2772d ago

would 3 photos not work?

Active Reload2772d ago

I can't watch the video at the moment. Are they using a 3D scanner for this?

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