IGN: SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs Review

IGN: "Fans have been waiting years for SOCOM 4 and now that it's finally here they expect a lot from the first party shooter. With a complete campaign and the promise of multiplayer poised to appease old and new fans alike, SOCOM 4 sounds sweet. It is a good game, though it just never becomes a great one.

SOCOM has always been one of the more polarizing franchises. Some people just can’t get into it, and that's fine. The multiplayer for SOCOM 4 is solid, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I wish there were more game modes and maps to make my purchase feel worthwhile. The story mode has interesting squad command gameplay, though I found myself enjoying the co-op missions more because I could actually yell at my sniper to kill the dude with a rocket launcher. If the single player were longer, and the story was worth following there'd be a great game here, instead of just the good one that might get ignored."

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callahan092744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

That's all they have to say about it? Took me 45 seconds to read that review!! Sounds like the game is pretty good, though. Fun campaign and fun multiplayer modes = fun game? Hmm... Sometimes I feel like game critics just criticize games because they feel like it and other times just decide to give a game a free pass on all its flaws. You could easily nit-pick just about any game that's come out in the past 5 years and come up with similar reasons to give it a 7 out of 10 if you wanted to. Therefore, the numerical score is worthless to me, I just read the text and decide if their criticisms sound like deal-breakers to me and if the things they liked sound like things I'd like, and in the case of this game, the game sounds pretty darn good to me. I'll pick it up.

-Alpha2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Yeah this is real short, it doesn't change the final score/opinion of the reviewer but it reads more like a description than a review which is annoying. Seems rushed, actually, and somewhat unprofessional with the generic "X was awesome" and "I shot this dude with weapon Y" language.

Abash2744d ago

I had a blast in the beta, they themselves said the online is fun. So Im definitely still buying this day one

PlayerX2744d ago

I wish all this sony hate by the media would just stop. They can't stop sony anymore. 9.5 out of 10 for me.

despair2744d ago

Its Jack Devries, just check any of his reviews you will see a pattern, one of the worst reviewers I've seen on any site(I've said it before I believe).

King_many_layers2744d ago

I don't understand why myself and other people keep coming back to see what this site actually writes up anymore.
Seriously ?? A one page review, for something we need informing about, whilst Call of Duty Black ops had a 3 page review despite ourselves already knowing almost exactly what the game would be like.

they've become a complete joke. Their reviews are much less informative and fact orientated than their previews.

I really dislike the way also that something as crucial as a whole other way of controlling the game is talked about in a brief paragraph.
I can understand the complaints they had with the game and I'm way past caring about the scores that this site actually gives out.

I wish this site wasn't so highly reveered because as far as myself and many others are concerned it's become an overly opinionated, over-hyping and a completely unbalanced waste of time.

(I'm not bitter over the score, I really disliked the beta)

Active Reload2744d ago

Wow, I didn't know this game looked that good. I thought it was going to be like the previous game so I never really bothered to pay attention.

Kleptic2744d ago

I only put about 30 minutes in the beta...but it played fine...was kind of fun...and seems to have some legs as far as shooters go (plenty of crap to unlock, etc.)...

but the main thing I noticed is that Socom is simply torn up as a franchise...I didn't get into the original Socom games on the PS2...I came into the beta as more of a first person shooter fan overall...but understand zipper needed to keep the route tactics of the originals to keep fans happy...but at the same time, its obvious they made changes to fill the gap where other modern shooters have gone...

and it just mixed me up...the third person aspect is nearly pointless, but still needed i can pop in and out of a first person view with most weapons and it takes an extra button also can't switch your should view, making use of cover (when not using the cover option button press) very awkward sometimes...

it played like a bigger and faster version of R6 Vegas imo...that looks immensely better...and if they kept it first person, it probably wouldn't do enough differently than other shooters to really be relavent...oh well, its far from bad, but not exactly something I could really get into in such a crowded genre...

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Blaze9292744d ago

you uncovered IGN's secret behind the site design and bigger font. It's so their lazy asses can get away with shorter BS reviews like this one.

I wish people would stop going there

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MidnytRain2744d ago

Exactly, just what I would've said. In fact, I should consider copying and pasting your comment. :)

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IheartGames2744d ago

sad i love socom..just seems like it copy alil too much from COD us vets well maybe socom 2 hd

-Alpha2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The more and more I read about SOCOM II the more I like it. Sounds like it had a lot of great features.

While I liked S4's beta I feel like S2 sounds so much better: 22 maps, lobbies, recoil, the modes sound a lot better too. Hopefully a remake happens, the game sounds very unique.


Yeah, the scores are going to be in the 7s and I think it reflects the attitude of the core community. They are just not happy with what was removed and it's understandable to see why they are pissed. SOCOM II sounds like it was ahead of today's MP games, it's disappointing to see developers try and chase COD all the time.

RememberThe3572744d ago

I agree. PS2 games had had a lot of content though compared to now days. I think thats why people are pissed; they wanted Socom at it's best and Zipper didn't deliver. Its' too bad really. Hopefully it has the charm that MAG had that kept me coming back. MAG isn't a good game at all but it is fun as hell, hopefully Socom 4 is the same.

Rainstorm812744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

SOCOM 2 definately was the high point in the franchise, As far as S4 goes it has its issues but its a solid game, i personally dont think its over an 8.0 although still a fun game, but im not a fan of camping and in S4 theres alot of it.

My thoughts from the beta at least, i cant wait for some sharpshooter co-op and SP

Headquarters112744d ago

Even though I never played the past Socoms, Confrontation plays better than S4 in my opinion.

I don't see myself enjoying this game as much, especially with the slow strafe speeds and stupid cover system in Classic mode.

BattleAxe2744d ago

Man, Socom 2 was one of a kind. The map designs were genius, and I haven't seen many games that have been able to create map designs to that level of genius not only from last generation, but this generation too. Also the player movement was a key part to all the PS2 Socom games. It was free wheeling movement which made for some epic one on one gunfights.

Personally I'm glad that Socom 4 has been getting nailed in most of the reviews that have come out, mainly because they chose to ignore the community that helped make Socom successful, and instead they decided to try to be like every other game out there so that they could lure in the CoD casual gamers.

They could redeem themselves if they would make Socom 2 HD or even HD remasters of all four PS2 Socoms with trophy support on one Blu-Ray disc, and then come out gradually with all the old maps and have them integrated into the PSN. Its such an easy business decision, and I'm certain that it would easily outsell Socom: Confrontation and Socom 4 combined. The old Socoms were just magic, its the only way to describe them.

BlueRevolvuR2744d ago

I agree. I never got to play Socom 2 before, but I know many that did, and praise it so much. Many of those Socom players played Warhawk, which is how I came to meet them. I would love a Socom 2 HD remake. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

RBdrift2744d ago

S4 is ok but its far from a real Socom game. I'm one of those vets thats played Socom since day 1 and Socom 2 has been the best game in the whole series.
If you have a PSN account sign in and vote for a Socom2 HD remake.

bennyace2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I have to agree with the poeple in this tread saying socom 2 was the best. I don't want to get anybody angry or anything but, from what I've seen so far from socom 4, confrontation had a more ''socom feel'' even if it was broken. It didn't feel like a 3rd person CoD or BF wanna be, like socom 4 seems to be.

I haven't played it yet. But from the in game movies with the cover system and regenerating health... It's an elimination game where you're not supposed to get shot. Not a game where you get shot and then hide to regenerate. That's not what socom is about to me... I have to agree also that it's a small game with less than half the maps socom 2 had, with all the room available on blu-ray, 50Go vs 4.7Go.... C'mon really?

Yeah! Bring Socom 2 HD anyday!

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chidori6662744d ago

You guys at Zipper know this isn't a REAL Socom title. But you're too afraid to say it because you know if this game was called anything else but "Socom" it would flop.

Headquarters112744d ago

Never expected this to get good scores. so 7/10 is an awesome score to me.

RonXD2744d ago

Another Average score eh....Well it's an average game. Doesn't feel at all like Socom.

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