CVG - Mass Effect 3 has New Game+

CVG - Mass Effect 3's release still lies in the too-distant future, but that hasn't stopped BioWare talking up what players will be able to do once the main game is finished.

Mass Effect aficionados will remember the first game allowed players to replay the main story campaign in a New Game+ mode once the story was completed, whereas the second Mass Effect simply dropped Shepard and the crew back into the world and allowed you to finish up side-missions and play DLC.

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tigertron2744d ago

Well, that was pretty much guaranteed anyway.

Lord_Doggington2744d ago

do you think they'll let us customize shepherd's face? will they include that feature as well?

billabong19852744d ago

Er, this isn't big news, you could do new game+ in ME2, you just start a new game and imported your character from another save game