Uncharted Box Art & Screens To Make You Say 'Wow'

Isn't that some fine box art? Nathan Drake looks like a capable gunman, shotgun casually resting on his shoulder. The green of the jungle environment and the skull juxtaposed on it give it an alluring sense of adventure. This is quite compelling box art -- some of the best PS3Fanboy's seen on PS3.

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MaximusPrime4024d ago

great boxart! got to admit that it is miles better than Tomb Raider.

I also like this screenshot. It is so detailed.

MK_Red4024d ago

Well, Uncharted is light years ahead of Tomb Raider so should it's box art be.

Alos, awesome screenshot. Good one. Can't wait for this game. Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, UT3... God what am I going to do? Gamegasm.

ActionBastard4024d ago

I thought the PS3 had no games?!

Violater4024d ago

But but..
I thought the PS3 couldn't do textures well??
Uncharted says GTFO haters

ActionBastard4024d ago

I mean we all see the same games, but hear the same thing. No games. We see HAZE, UT3, Assassins Creed, MGS4, LBP, DMC4, Echochrome, RE5, Uncharted, R&C, SingStar, Orange Box, HS, Tiger 08, Warhawk, and on and on. How are there no games?

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MK_Red4024d ago

OK, my fanboy inside is out. This is the BEST box art of 2007 so far IMO.

nasim4024d ago

graphically it is rivalled only by Crysis and Hs

MaximusPrime4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

At the moment no game (that means Drake's fortune) can beat Crysis.

Many future PS3 games will soon match or near match the graphic of Crysis. PS3 is still quite new.

funkysolo4024d ago

NO...You put crsis on 3rd person veiw and see which game looks beter. Uncharted is the best looking game period. All you talk about crysis this and that, crysis looks okay for a FPS, but like I said before if they would show a developer veiw 3rd person veiw Uncharted looks way better and charactor animations are by far the best seen on a game to date

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Baba19064024d ago

wow that looks amazing. i cant wait for that game.i hope it plays as good as it looks. =D

fenderputty4024d ago

by IGN, the game is playing as good as it looks. This game is going to be awesome. It'S easily one of if not the best looking games to ever grace a console.

Italianstallion4024d ago

Wow, that looks awesome, only reconfirms my day one purchase.

MK_Red4024d ago

I've got to get big poster of that cover. I can't believe they've been hiding this awesome cover. First Heavenly Sword's super awesome cover and now this. Sony's cover department has been doing superb job lately.

Italianstallion4024d ago

Yeah, imagine big posters of the cover in eb games or gamestop windows, that would have to move more games and possibly consoles.

MK_Red4024d ago

Agreed. This could be one killer-app poster! I seriously hope they release a special / collector's edition with this poster.

Italianstallion4024d ago

Yeah, I have never really been fond of putting video game posters up in my room (except for metal gear solid games) but if there is a collectors edition of uncharted with a poster like this, I would almost have no choice but put it up in my room.

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The story is too old to be commented.