WWE All-Stars PSP Review - ZTGD

Michael Futter Writes: The PSP games that have typically shined the brightest are titles designed exclusively for Sony’s portable platform. Ports of console games tend to disappoint due to missing features, diminished graphics and audio, or simply because they are obviously money grabs with no attention paid to quality.

I am pleased to report that the PSP version of WWE All Stars fares better than many other ports, including past entries in the WWE Smackdown vs Raw series. The SvR games are considered simulations (as much as one can simulate a scripted sport), complete with complex story lines, season drafts, big PvP events, and a Create-a-Superstar mode that is chock full of RPG-lite elements. The moves represented in those games are spot-on representations of what you would see if you tuned into a WWE match.

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