Top 10 Video Games Critics Overlooked

Ratings aren't everything! Sometimes some of the best games were the biggest flops. Wondering which ones deserved more love? These ten were better than people thought.

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PoSTedUP1165d ago

"its pretty good" is usually why its yellow on metacritic. yellow isnt a bad average but when comparing to competition, it would be wrong for these games to have a much higher average unless it was deserved. but then again it is all opinion. some of these games have a cult following and high user reviews.

monkey6021165d ago

There's no way in hell I would ever have Resident Evil 6 and Marvel Vs Capcom Infinte in a list of underappreciated games!
Both are the absolute low point of their respective series.

locomorales1165d ago

RE6 is a great game but a bad Resident Evil. Capcom should lauched it as a New IP back then

ShinRon1164d ago

mvci suffered from presentation and licensing issues but the gameplay was phenomenal.

Adexus1164d ago

Mad Max is one of my favourite games of all time.

monkey6021164d ago

I truly enjoyed the game but I knew when to stop. I finished the story and did most challenges, upgrades, strongholds and things but there was no way I was going to loot all the scrap in each location

Adexus1163d ago

I did all those as well, couldn't leave a location until I got them all lol

MadMax1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I have to agree. It gets the lord humongous seal of approval.

nibblo1164d ago

I really enjoyed it too but the critics hated it with a passion for some reason. Too masculine I expect, I know that sounds like a dumb reason but I suspect it was for a few of them.

smolinsk1164d ago

Mad max was fun, really overlooked game

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