Friday Night WrestleCast Ep. 37 – The Best and Worst Wrestling Video Games of All Time

On this week's edition of Friday Night WrestleCast, we share our candid thoughts on the best and worst wrestling video games of all time.

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rbailey1459d ago

GM Mode is one feature that definitely needs to return to the current WWE wrestling games especially given the brand split between Raw and Smackdown. 2K has plenty of other classic wrestling games to look to for ideas but the question of whether or not they will make changes still remains unanswered.

SwiffEpics1459d ago

I really miss GM mode. Smackdown 1 and 2 are my all time favourites though. Probably because of nostalgia of the wrestlers in those games.

sagesurge1459d ago

Man, the awesomeness that is No Mercy needs to grace our remastered presence

ZeekQuattro1459d ago

Big fan of World Tour and Revenge. Day of Reckoning was also another stellar one as it played a lot like the N64 games and had a great CAW mode. I made some wild creations in that game.

ghostrider321457d ago

N64 had the most legendary wrestling games.