15 Best Wrestling Games of All Time

The best wrestling games range from all-time classics on the N64 all the way up to some surprising new hitters you should check out.

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darthv72765d ago

I was always partial to the arcade wrestling games like Saturday night slam masters, wwf superstars, wrestlefest, wrestlemania, wrestle war and then a NES classic... pro wrestling. By the time the N64 era of wrestling games happened, I wasnt into wrestling much anymore (tv & games).

jjb1981764d ago

It was all about the Starman Somersault or the Tiger Claw!

Fist4achin764d ago

Starman was awesome. I also remember a tan dude with bright yellow hair. Good times!

gurp765d ago

Smackdown 1+2 on PSX
A lot of hours went into those two games

jbrock11764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

Virtual Pro Wrestling 1 & 2 > Most games on that list.

Also, WCW/NWO Revenge should be #2 minimum.

Petebloodyonion764d ago

King of coliseum
most of the all japan pro wrestling
Toukon Retsuden 3

Terry_B764d ago

WWE 2k13 thanks to the WWE Attitude Mode. Followed by WWE Attitude and ECW Hardcore Evolution.

also: ECW! ECW! ECW!

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The Ten Best Classic WWE/WWF Games

What classic WWF/WWE wrestling games are worth playing now? Quite a few, actually.

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racer22633d ago

Wwf superstars of wrestling by technos is my favorite

gurp633d ago

I played a ton of smackdown 1+2 on PSX

AceRimmer302633d ago

WCW/NWO World Tour and Wrestlemania 2000 were peak wrestling games. Back when wrestling was at the top of pop culture, everyone in school would watch. The gameplay is phenomenal and create your own characters opened up the door to WCW vs WWF. What a time!

nevin1633d ago

WCW/ NWO Revenge and Here Comes The Pain were haven't been beaten.

darthv72633d ago

Wrestlefest was hella fun in the arcade

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Why I Don’t Like Wrestling Games

I feel I should explain my issue with Yuke's

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SharnOfTheDEAD1194d ago

Personally I wanted a 2d fighter, considering AEW been doing promotions with Capcom i thought we'd see a 2D fighter featuring AEW Wrestlers and Street Fighter, whether it's classic side scroller or vs. I'm fed up typical wrestling games, I'd like to see something different. The pro to all this is that they have the original director from No Mercy. Just have to wait and see but I'm not getting my hopes up. At least we have AEW, cos damn WWE sucks atm

BLAKHOODe1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

I feel like you shouldn't. The game is super early in development and will be using next-now-current gen hardware with fresh insight on today's product. Shut up and give the game a chance.

WheatBread1194d ago

I want AKI to make a new wrestling game.

8bitRey1194d ago

I'm optimistic for the AEW game. Kenny Omega is a legit gamer, he played a lot of Street Fighter while he was busy putting on classic matches in New Japan. He was training/sparring in Street Fighter with some of the best players in the world - like Infiltration and Poongko for example - during his time off!

Thankfully I got Fire Pro Wrestling World to keep me going for years to come.


Are Wrestling Games Getting Worse?

Some of you may know that the latest instalment in the WWE gaming franchise 2K20 was released late last year to generally poor reviews. Some of this was based on graphical issues, but mostly it was due to the many glitches and bugs found – many of which are hilarious to witness.

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