The Ten Best Classic WWE/WWF Games

What classic WWF/WWE wrestling games are worth playing now? Quite a few, actually.

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racer22369d ago

Wwf superstars of wrestling by technos is my favorite

gurp369d ago

I played a ton of smackdown 1+2 on PSX

AceRimmer302369d ago

WCW/NWO World Tour and Wrestlemania 2000 were peak wrestling games. Back when wrestling was at the top of pop culture, everyone in school would watch. The gameplay is phenomenal and create your own characters opened up the door to WCW vs WWF. What a time!

nevin1369d ago

WCW/ NWO Revenge and Here Comes The Pain were haven't been beaten.

darthv72369d ago

Wrestlefest was hella fun in the arcade

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