New PS3 bundle with Move, racket and Virtua Tennis 4 has spotted a new PS3 bundle including PS Move with a racket accessory and Virtua Tennis 4.

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mcstorm2751d ago

Sony really need to start pushing move alot more as it just seems to me that they pushed it when it came out but have given up now as you never see an add for the device or a game showing off the device.

BK-2012751d ago

They aren't going to spend hundreds of millions to market the accessory like a whole other console. Move is doing very well for its scarce marketing and there are plenty of games with support for it with more to come.

mcstorm2751d ago

I agree with you that they are more games to come that support move but it is not selling very well. Alot of people don't even know what move is where everyone seems to know kinect and Wii. The tech is very good but Sony need to show it off more than they are doing now. They don't have to spend a shed load of money to show it off as they sponcer things like champions league here in the UK yet they just show off 3d tvs n in the adds between the football game ms had a kinect and wp7 add and Nintendo had a Wii add but nothing for the ps3 or move. They even do this for c5 movies and show off lbp and kz3 but don't show it supports move and this is there biggest problem they need to start showing to the public that move can be used with most new games that are out for the ps3.

Ace_19752751d ago

Oh God it's Wii all over again.

Moentjers2751d ago

Oh, I somehow missed Killzone 3 for Wii.

Dlacy13g2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Conduit 2 is the Wii's Killzone 3. Not saying it looks as good...but they have a good looking shooter.

More to the point... Move as Ace_1975 pointed out is absolutely getting all the plastic toy peripherals that the Wii had. We all made fun of the stupid hockey stick on the Wii...or the fake little racing wheel it had.

And now... we see plastic guns, rackets and even the stupid plastic wheel on the PS3:

Opps...did I forget the swords and shields?

jneul2751d ago

oh god wii can track the body as well as the motion controller / sarcasm, why not go troll kinect articles, if you want wii, it even has more wii-like titles like brain training woop woop, least move is getting decent hardcore games

Dlacy13g2751d ago

@jneul... I never said the PS3/Move didn't have hardcore titles. All I said is its getting the flood of the plastic peripherals just like the Wii did.

Try dialing down the fanboy defensiveness and understand what I was actually saying. If you like the plastic swords more power to you.

SilverSlug2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

This is kinda old.

Can we report/delete this?

Raven_Nomad2751d ago

Jeez.....looking more and more like a Wii bundle.