Astro A30 Audio System Review [Game Revolution]

"The A30s are pretty much the highest end of the gaming audio spectrum, also carrying one of the highest price tags. The A30s benefit from all the equipment in the package. Not only can you hear the quality you're paying for, but you'll also feel like you got all the components you need. You'll hardly want to take them off." - Daniel Bischoff Game Revolution

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samurailincoln2755d ago

Turn my headphones up! I need them turned up!

LOGICWINS2755d ago

$250 seems like a lot, but if the sound is as good as im hearing it is..then i think its worth it.

soccerstar2754d ago

I have the A40's. They sound amazing but I probably wouldnt drop 250 on them again

Zydake2755d ago

Wait these are new ones ? I just got the A40's aw Dengus

socomnick2755d ago

a30s are the cheaper version.

a30s = more bass, closed cup, smaller so easier to transport.

a40 = best audio quality, open cup, bigger.

Zydake2755d ago

Oh cool thanks then got worried

outlawlife2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I won a set of these and the sound is amazing but they aren't worth the price

the mic is horrendous, not adjustable and very low quality...couldn't believe how cheap it was

as far as comfort, they are okay...they will heat up your ears really quick

for games I stuck with my turtle beach X41's...merely use the a30s for music mostly and as headphones for my imac

the mixamp is an okay idea but there really isn't a reason why those functions can't be built into the head set like the TB

relying on a whole separate box for volume adjustment is pretty weak I think

mrmancs2755d ago

ill stick to my hd650 sennheisers :P

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