ASTRO Gaming A03 In-Ear Monitor Revealed

It will be interesting to hear how they sound. ASTRO Gaming today announced the release of the newest addition to its award-winning family of gaming audio products, the new ASTRO Gaming A03 In-Ear Monitor.  Engineered specifically for Mobile and Console gaming.

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smashman98199d ago

I wish my tiny earholes were big enough for in ear headphones. Often times even the smallest sizes don't work for me

Garethvk199d ago

I used in ear Bluetooth when I used to be able to safely go to the gym. But I prefer over the ears. They just are not ideal for workouts.

smashman98199d ago

yea over-ear is really the only option for me. Don't get me wrong I have more than a few awesome pairs of over-ear. But When I'm going for a walk or in public in general. I definitely would prefer something more discrete.

Hope you're doing all right in this pandemic I know the gym can be a great form of stress relief and hope you're finding another way to keep your spirits up.

Garethvk199d ago

We have a good Dr. And he said it is very risky as is dining in even with the safeguards. We had a pool routine we were doing in place of it until the weather became difficult with storms and such. So mask up and walk around.