Funniest bugs & glitches in Crysis 2

Flying enemies, finger shooting and more... The game is cool, but it seems Crytek didn't test it as long as they should.

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DrHouse2779d ago

They couddnt, EGAY was getting hot feet and wanted the game out before the fall. They are the reason the game has so many issues.

DoomeDx2779d ago

It already had a delay once, so its not rushed.
Also, submitter was to lazy to translate it via google?

DarkTower8052779d ago

If there is still issues which are pretty obvious, namely all the AI issues, these should have been fixed. Just because it was delayed once does not mean it wasn't rushed.

DrHouse2779d ago

You could tell Crytek was being rushed, even the demos the devs appeared sleepless.

Nolando2779d ago

You know, im not usually a raging pc fanboy, i am totally fine with the graphics they look amazing to me. But my problem is the horrid interface bugs in the menus on the pc version. i mean it completely pisses me off when i cant skip the opening title logos, the game doesnt save my multiplayer code and i have to keep entering it (fixed with help of forum users NOT crytek), and the game doesnt save my MP progress or my unlocks and i have to keep unlocknig them everytime i log in! Also in the single player, your nano things you pick up to upgrade your suit are LOST when you quit the game!

it just blows me away the GLARING interface issues...i mean is it like this on the consoles? i would personally give this game an 8/10, because the game looks amazing,and i LOVE the gameplay and multiplayer. but what would usually be a superb game for me is dragged down by simple things that should hav been fixed. oh well... im done raging

SnipingPenguin2779d ago

That video wasn't funny nor interesting. So long for so little. The funniest thing there was Calvin Strong.

distorted_reality2779d ago

The screen flickering and motion blur is pissing me off no end. I'm just going to wait for a driver/app update before I bother getting too far into the game.

shammgod2779d ago

The AI is awful in this game! I didnt experience any crazy glitches though, unless the awful AI is a glitch...probably not.

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