Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception New Multiplayer Details from GamePro Magazine

The Latest GamePro Magazine issue has some new info about Uncharted 3:Drake's Deception Multiplayer. Developers mention their influences on the multiplayer of UC3 and admits stuff they done wrong on Uncharted 2 MP.

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rabidpancakeburglar4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

Uncharted 2's multiplayer was pretty fun I thought but it wasn't addictive and it took far too long to connect in it. Hopefully Naughty Dog have learned from this

I think that the plots of 1 and 2 are very good up until the point where weird creatures start getting involved. Yeah Drake is one of the best in gaming.

RedDead4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

Yeah my problem was I couldn't get hooked...I don't know if thats the game's problem though. It's just me. i think the best thing about Uncharted is Single player. Mainly because of Nathan Drake. The plot of 1 and 2 are very average, but the main character is one of the best in gaming I think.

-Alpha4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

I was hooked on it, just didn't like some of the mechanics, which ultimately didn't make it a "Go to game"

For example, boosters felt worthless and too similar to each other (they should just be taken out), they changed the damage (which in turn changed weapon balance and changed the platforming aspect), etc, and I wasn't fond of people quitting matches and not having the ability for others to join back in (should have been available for some of the playlists, especially the non-ranked ones)

I also hated how quick you could throw nades (Manual Martydom as I called it), and melee was pretty bad as most of the time it meant a double death

But, considering the lack of experience you have to give it to these guys. They got some help, but the combined work proved to end in a very fun experience. They managed to have features you expect MP-experienced devs to have but don't (theater, co-op, skins), as well as a depth of modes, options, etc. For a first time, it was very well put together.

It can only get much better if they are going to decide to make MP an important aspect and actually focus on it more. Split-screen is all but confirmed and you can tell that they are keen on capitalizing on what they have, which IMO is a solid MP product.

LOGICWINS4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

@Alpha-Male- Yeah, I didn't like that booster COD like crap. I like my multiplayer games like Halo 3 and Warhawk...NO BOOSTERS. The only thing that should seperate whether a player wins or loses is experience and skill.

A little off-topic, but I HOPE that theirs no b.s booster class in Starhawk. That would ruin the balance of the game entirely.

Rumor4708d ago

just dont third person call-of-duty-rise it then it should be all good. I still play uc2 multiplayer to this day, so im pretty sure naughty gods will impress

Pixel_Pusher4708d ago

The MP was pretty good before they started fucking with it.

vickers5004708d ago


Yeah I think that's the exact word I'd use to describe Uncharted 2's multiplayer, solid.

It wasn't amazing, but it didn't do anything wrong either. My biggest complaints though were the extremely generic weapon sets and lack of attachments. I've used an m4, rpg, ak47, desert eagle, magnum, grenade launcher, etc. way too many times in other games to have much fun with them in this game. It has pretty much the most generic weapon set I've ever seen in a game.

Developers shouldn't be afraid to make some ridiculous fictional weapons like guns that shoot electricity/fire/ice/acid/expl osive rounds or guns that look like they were custom made out of weird materials or objects.

Another thing I didn't particularly like about U2 multiplayer was that pretty much every map was tomb themed with ruins. Give me a place to fight in that doesn't look like no one has been there in hundreds of years. Even if it doesn't really fit the setting of the sp, it would make it better if they made maps like some kind of modern/futuristic city, some kind of beach resort or some bizarre area that you wouldn't normally think of a firefight going on in. Just anything besides ruins and tombs, as it's kind of getting old.

WhittO4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

^^ It only takes long to connect if you havent played in a while, I play dailey because it is addictive to me and it takes about 10-15 seconds to connect.

It does take some time to find players for a match if your playing during a quiet time of day, thats the only thing I hope they improve - The Match-making menu.

Maybe the multiplayer could have been better, but I bought it for the amazing SP which was more than worth the money, and then you have all of that extra content for re-plays.
The multiplayer was just a bonus for me but ended up being really great and well-built, felt more than just an add-on!
Uncharted 2 really is an amazing game with what it brings to the table.

EliteAssass1n4708d ago

@ Pixel_Pusher

Ya, that's what happens when you try to make it appeal to the masses. Still fun, but not as good as it was before. Hopefully U3 turns out to be just as good.

MaxXAttaxX4708d ago

At least for a while.

And the "weird creatures" in the first game were one of the main highlights in Uncharted 1.
You couldn't just sit and take cover. It was a surprise and a game changer.

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LOGICWINS4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

@rabid- Yeah, I agree. I thought it was addictive for like the first two weeks...but then I stopped. I haven't played since June. In fact, I just gave it away to my friend a couple weeks ago. I LOVED the single player..but the MP didn't capture my long-term interest.

And what was even worse is that virtually NO ONE bought the new co-op map packs(Highrise etc.) Everytime I wanted to have a game in one of the new DLC map packs, I'd be waiting for half and hour and nothing.

@redDead- Yeah, the SP was better than the MP IMO also. For Uncharted 3, Naughty Dog should focus on creating 4 player online story co-op with an even longer single player story with even more variety. That would be awesome.

rabidpancakeburglar4708d ago

Naughty Dog have a winning formula if the single player is as fun and interesting as the first 2. If multiplayer is to have a hope then they will have to widen its appeal as I tried it again a few months ago an there had been very few people on that day. If they can get more people playing then great but if not then it will be irrelevant to me.

Bloodraid4708d ago

Actually; loads of people bought the DLC Map Packs.

Though I noticed that you are only put into games with people who only own the same combination of map packs as yourself.

If you buy both DLC Map Packs it's pretty easy to get into a game.

LOGICWINS4708d ago

@BloodRaid- Well, you need to define what "loads" is. There was a point where UC2 multiplayer was the only MP game I was playing and in all the time I played, I've only had TWO experiences where another person actually had the DLC co-op map packs.

solidjun54708d ago

Okay...to the contrary, there a time where UC2 was also the only multiplayer I played and during those times, there "LOADS" of people playing the DLC.

The days you were playing isn't a representative of everyday UC2 is played online dead

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Thatguy-3104708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

I actually did get addicted to the multiplayer when I first got my hands on it. As of now its not as addictive and I play usually when I have time here and there but as a BIG Uncharted fan this is my go to game whenever I play online most of the time. I really enjoyed the map packs and they should release more maps like high-rise where there so much going on and the environment plays a role in the map; For some reason thats an element I really like. One thing that they should try to balance out though is the melee system in the multiplayer.. Other than that ND really implemented the multiplayer perfectly to the Uncharted Universe which I truly respect since the game is very story driven.

They need to fix the matchmaking too... I always find myself in a game where the majority speak another language and at times it gets annoying and confusing just hearing them talk since I cant understand a word there saying

spunnups4708d ago

Uncharted 2 had only one flaw, lack of weapon attachments. Everything else, the story, dialogue, character formation, graphics, online multiplayer and coop, were the best of the best. By far my favorite game since Zelda-OoT.


The guns lack weapon attachments because there was no ads... I also did not mind the boosters that were not overpowered... The wall Hack and other perks like stronger mele killded the game for me... But THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WAS NO ADS.. I HATE HALO and all games with no ADS.. who wants to shoot across the map from the hip? thats why I only used the FAL and I beasted with it... If Naughty dog CAN DO WHAT SOCOM 4 DID and add a ads option and weapon attachments it will beast..

rabidpancakeburglar4708d ago

The disagrees are a bit unfair, I've already had about a quarter of the people who still play uncharted 2's multiplayer disagree with me

ksoto4708d ago

your opinion but uncharteds mp hooked me like crazy till this day i play it and theres 60,000 plus ppl playing when i connect. I think uc2 mp is one of the best, well done and addictive mp's with beautiful boards, great cover system and so much more.

hiredhelp4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

Oh sh*t look like i need to go back to the naughtydog's forums they clearly not listening to the people on that site.

i bloody hope they dont use matchmaking. do not listen to other devs.

right im off to naughtydog's forums. there gonna be alot people there.


Vherostar4708d ago

I loved the multiplayer it reminded me of gears of war without the chainsaws the way you latched onto walls etc it was a lot of fun and the co-op elements were fantastic. Not bad for there first attempt no doubt the 3rd game will improve on it.

solar4708d ago

UC2 is Top 5 of my fav games.....but i could care less about the MP. some games need it...UC2 didnt. it's strong SP made it what it was and is.

starchild4708d ago

I actually really enjoyed the multiplayer portion of Uncharted 2. In fact, I still pop it in occasionally. I'm really looking forward to seeing what ND have enhanced for Uncharted 3. I still think Uncharted is by far the best thing about the PS3.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

GOTY Contender already.

TheLastGuardian4708d ago

Lol at your disagrees. Of course Uncharted 3 will be a GOTY contender. Even a Game of the decade contender. Uncharted 2 is the most top notch game ever made. It's going to be a hard game to top but I'm expecting Naughty Dog to do it.

Commander_TK4708d ago

GOTY contender, but L.A. Noire will take that crown.


Yes, just check the awards, Uncharted 2 is the best game of all time, with more than 100 Awards.

And Half Life 2 or HL 1 is in the 2nd place.

solar4708d ago

UC2 is a great game, but it did nothing to push a genre. it was a top notch effort from ND but the game isnt one that sets a standard all around like a HL1/2 did.

BoNeSaW234708d ago

ALFAxD_CENTAURO deserves more Disagrees.
He is Trolling for agrees with that Lame,Obvious and Pointless comment like that. I ALWAYS Disagree on the principle of them not adding ANYTHING to the discussion besides being a cheerleader.