Crysis multiplayer footage

Footage from Leipzig of Crysis in multiplayer.

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Marriot VP5376d ago

Looking forward to this on the 360, lol hey it'll probably happen.

Balance5376d ago

this game is what high end pcs are for, i can't wait for this game.

rj815376d ago

I can't wait... maybe a dumbed down version will go to PS3 (with its lack of DX architecture)

TheMART5376d ago

ah well this game still uses DX9 and some parts of DX10 on PC as well as what the 360 can do.

The PS3 in contrary is no DX driven console. One of the multiple weak points for massive attack on the giant enemy crab. XNA will give some final stabs

RelloC5375d ago

this was meant for a very high end pc and that is what is should be run on.