Multiple PS3 Triple-A Titles Going Platinum

According to God of War III, Heavy Rain Move Edition, EyePet Move Edition and ModNation Racers are going Platinum on April 8th in Europe.

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Yi-Long2785d ago

... but with all the DLC coming out, I'll wait for a GOTY-edition instead.

AssassinHD2785d ago

There really isn't much point to buying the DLC mods and karts. I can see buying the creation items, but with a community making practically infinite mods and karts I am sure you can find something you would like to use, without buying the official stuff.

Yi-Long2785d ago

... I don't care about the mods and karts, but I do care about the different creation/track packs, with the asian theme and soon with the winter/snow theme...

... so like I said, I'll wait for a release that has those packs included, or else it would just be too expensive to get it all.

ChristianGamer2785d ago

It would have to be game of the year for a GOTY edition. . .just saying

AssassinHD2785d ago

It only has to receive a GOTY award from one publication or website to get a GOTY edition, like Borderlands. Just saying...

FragGen2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

But it DIDN'T receive a GotY award from ANYONE and it's been out for a year. Just saying...

BattleAxe2785d ago

I wish we had the yellow cases here in Canada, because I hate the red ones that we have.

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Dart892785d ago

Seriously if you haven't picked GOW3 up yet now's the time.

I just finished my 12 play through.

FAGOL2785d ago

I actually haven't you know. I always keep saying to myself I need to play GOW 1&2 first but I might just play 3 instead this summer.

thehitman2785d ago

I can say you can fully enjoy 3 w/o playing the previous ones. I played the first but missed the 2nd one because I thought it came out at a terrible time during ps3 launch and I couldnt bring myself to buy a ps2 game and I never regained that interest in beating 2 which is sad on my part really. I recommend you get 3 before you end up like me and never get to it xd.

FragGen2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Same here, I've played pieces of every GoW game here and there and own the HD PS3 collection and I keep telling myself I have to experience this whole trilogy from front to back but I always get interrupted during the first one at some point. LOL.

I'm not going to play them out of order so I guess, I'll just have to lock myself inside for a week or two at some point in my life and knock out all three of them.

bebojet2785d ago

After completing GOW3 multiple times I played GOW HD Collection just for the trophies. Heavy Rain Move Edition is a def must play.

GodofwarGoty2785d ago

God of war 3 should be in everyones house hold now thats its platinum hits In europe and now thats its greatest hits ( america canada and every where else these is a game that everyone should play and everyone should listen to Dart89 and Fagol they know what they are saying God of war is game of the year

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