Ranking the God of War Games

Kratos has been on a rampage, killing Gods in epic battles since 2005. With each release managing to offer high-octane action, I explore each God of War title and rank every adventure from his journey to Olympus to his Norse tales of fatherhood.

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ClayRules2012553d ago

I won’t rank Ragnarok just yet, although it is honestly leaving me and my wife blown away…won’t go into details right now, not done as I assume others aren’t either, maybe some of you are, idk haha.

But here’s how I rank them

5. God of War 3
4. God of War Ascension.
3. God of War 1.
2. God of War 2.
1. God of War 2018.

MrNinosan553d ago

My same ranking exactly, with Ragnarök at #1.

ClayRules2012552d ago

Wow, that’s pretty interesting that someone has the same ranking as me haha. So, did you beat Ragnarok? I assume so with you placing it at #1

Flawlessmic553d ago

1. God of war 3
2. God of war 2018
3. God of war 2
4. God of war 1

Haven't played the others but about 30 hrs In to ragnarock now so safe to say if it keeps up it will end up being at the top of my list when I'm done.

CrimsonWing69553d ago

I will say the pacing of the original titles and the epic feel to them I feel is way better than the new one’s. Like, I could recognize and appreciate the praise God of War received, but it bores me to tears except for the pivotal moments.

However, that being said I feel Ragnarok is waaaaay better than 2018. I’m only on Ch. 6, but it’s pretty much rocked my face off from the get-go.

I’m really split between this being my GotY or Elden Ring.

robtion553d ago

I think different games in the series had different strengths but all are great. I liked the original as it was an origin story and the mechanics were fresh. The sequel added smoother gameplay. Three was just so far ahead of it's time graphically it wasn't even funny. Plus great gameplay and bosses and insane gore and nice use of sexy time. The reboot was cool but lost a lot of what I liked about the original trilogy (I don't need my games grown up, just fun). Will wait and see with ragnarok as haven't had time to play it yet.


Sony Expects 77M Total Shipped PS5 Units, Helldivers 2 Beats GOW Ragnarok’s Sales Record

Sales of Arrowhead Studios' third-person shooter, Helldivers 2, have surpassed 12 million copies, beating God of War Ragnarok's record.

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Babadook75d ago

77m in under a year is mighty impressive.

badz1495d ago

what?? dude, this is for total PS5 shipment, not total sales for Helldivers 2 LOL

Babadook75d ago (Edited 5d ago )



I hope you aren’t suggesting this is an all time sales forecast. I was referring to the actual time stated. FY2025 is in pretty much one year. Just under as I stated.

PrinceOfAnger6d ago

Good, now release the games day-one on PC.

Kakashi Hatake5d ago

That would dip into hardware sales. This game did well on PC because it's a multi-player game.

purple1015d ago

am I correct in thinking games like helldivers can't be easily pirated, as they come with constant updates to the content, so new pirated/cracked version would have to be installed every bloody day

but single player one-and-done games, can EASILY be pirated. Choice.

maybe this is also why Helldivers sold well on pc, aside form fans liking it of course.

darthv725d ago

Sony makes more $$ off software anyways so it wouldnt hurt things as much as you think. There will still be the console only people to buy the specialized hardware... why make PC players wait any longer than they already do?

S2Killinit5d ago

Because PlayStation is a console and we love consoles.

Babadook75d ago (Edited 5d ago )


The big money in consoles, or Steam for that matter, is in the 30% cut that you make on all games. This is why Xbox is pretty much screwed as they didn't target that. If Sony puts everything on PC they will lose their share of 3rd party games as those 3rd party games would be bought on PC. Its best to keep your platform the thriving ecosystem hence you give timed exclusives to your home console, unless the game is not relevant such as GAAS which might as well be on PC day one.

darthv725d ago

Dook, your assessment implies that console players are just jumping ship to PC and that is not the case. PC players play on PC, console players play on console and then you have this small segment that sits in the middle that go between the two. Sony would not lose 3rd party $$ as they still have their console fanbase who only play on their console. Sony putting their games more frequently on PC will yield them even greater sales as the PC players would not have to wait as long to buy. Now Sony may lose a percentage to Valve... but they make it back in overall revenue from both console and pc markets. We have seen what happens when sony releases a PS game on PC. Its nearly a hit every time, and sony sees this as well, so you know they are looking even more closely at the idea of more frequent PC releases.

And like S2 says, console people love consoles so, again, they really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting their games on PC as well as console. Like i siad, there will always be a console market to sell to... why not take advantage of the PC market in addition to that. Nobody can come up with a proper way to refute this. And this is why Sony is eyeballing PC more and more.

badz1495d ago


the one that makes real money from the sales of Helldivers 2 on PC is Valve! that sweet nectar of 30% cut while doing nothing is so addictive for Gaben. sorry to burst your bubble but Sony makes more money selling the game on PSN than on Steam

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Redemption-645d ago

Will not happen. Some games do better on consoles and some extra money 2+ years later and I expect companies such as Sony and Rockstar will keep doing that

CrimsonWing695d ago

Didn’t this sell way better on PC by a large margin? Why would you, in the position of a business making money, want to limit yourself to possible poor sales on a single platform instead of releasing on more while the hype iron’s hot?

This whole console vs PC fanboyism isn’t making Sony money. Look at Square straight up pulling away from exclusivity and now going for an aggressive multiplatform release campaign. I’m pretty sure Day 1 on console and PC is happening.

Redemption-645d ago


You would be right if we all pretend Helldivers is the only game Sony has. As a business man, you look at history, not just one example. There is a reason Rockstar can release their games on consoles only, sell 10s of millions, then release them on PC later. Xbox has been doing day 1 and tell me, how high has their sales been? It's understandable for a live service game, but for single player games, Sony is better off doing what they planned. Release exclusively on PS, then wait 2-3 years, then re-release at full price again.

And no, it didn't sell better on PC by a large margin. It was initially 50/50, as stater by the director, but was later giving more information from NPD (Circana) as PC 60, PS 40, but that was in North America.
Absolutely no one thought Helldivers 2 was going to sell this much, not even the studio and I don't expect all live service games from Sony to sell that much.

Chevalier5d ago

"Didn’t this sell way better on PC by a large margin? "

60/40 is hardly a larger margin

Tedakin5d ago

All the games Sony is releasing on PC 2 years later aren't performing well. If they had put Spider-Man 2 day one on PC it would have sold millions on there.

Redemption-644d ago


That might work for some games, but not most. I mean people were claiming Xbox games were going to sell more with day on PC. Tell me, how is that going? Also, keeping single player games exclusive is far more valuable than day 1 on PC. A new user's who buys a new Playstation for Spider-Man 2, GOWR or the Last of us 2 has far more value to Sony than a PC gamer.

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Cacabunga5d ago

I would stop supporting Sony hardware.. especially now that trophies are also on PC.

For their own sake they better keep making console exclusives and keep an eye on what big of a joke xbox has become

Profchaos5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

That worked out well for Xbox right I think a two year gap is actually extremely generous as a PC player and a console player if the game is first party comes to PC day and date it does devalue the purpose of console hardware and exclusives.

@darth Sony make no money on console hardware always has been the case give away the shaver and sell the razor model

They make 30 percent on everything sold first second or third party on the system.

If they did r sell hardware at a loss we would be seeing console proces spike as much as 50 percent

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Tzuno5d ago

sony eats their nails in stress because they didn't make this a ps5 only game