Gears of War 3′s Visual Evolution Is Phenomenal: A Screenshot Comparison

GB: "Gears of War 3 is one of the major games releasing for the Xbox 360 later this year and it is a pretty important title for the system. Considering how Epic Games is really pushing the envelope for visuals in video games, we decided to check how Gears of War 3 has evolved compared to it's predecessor. And the results are there for your viewing.

What do you think? Does Gears of War 3 will look even better than this? Let us know in the comments below."

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gameseveryday4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Whenever I think of Gears of War 3, I hope that Epic will use their next generation of Unreal Engine.

I wonder how consoles would be able to handle the new Unreal Engine. Hell, I doubt a PC that costs anything under $5000 can handle this. (lol)

But if Gears 3 will use the new engine, everyone's jaws will drop.

Mystogan4838d ago

Xbox 720, No current Console can handle so many Awesomeness.

Istanbull4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Lol Gears 3 will look like Gears 2 wich looked like Gears 1. The XXbox 360 and Unreal Engine 3 maxed out with Gears 1 way back in 2006.

And also Epic Games are infamous for releasing BULLSHOT screenshots before release!


Look at this, real time Uncharted 1 graphics demolished Gears 2 graphics:


jetlian4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

that site doesn't take not one real picture of gears 2 hell lot wouldn't do an uc vs gears. those 2 are ps3 fans lol

the ones in the source of this articles isn't using bullshots as you say here somemore



and that site used mp from gow they also never panned the camera and looked at the characters full body

gamingdroid4838d ago

In the end nobody gives two flying f's, because I aint staring at the jaggies while shooting the noob in front me! :)

Bigpappy4838d ago

This video http://www.youtube.com/watc... looks better than those pic's. The vid was take off screen with a cell phone and they were playing the multiplayer version. 6 more months before Gears is released. I have no doubt about Gears being a top contender for best graphics at the end of this year.

kancerkid4838d ago

The new Unreal Engine tech showcase GTX 580's in triple SLI, so yea, it is possible on PC's, but expensive.

AAACE54838d ago

@Istanbull... You can bash all you want, but fact is Gears 2 looked better than Gears 1! And Gears 3 will look better than Gears 2!

You need to solve your own fanboy problems and ask why Killzone 3 has only sold a little over a million units when it is considered better than KZ 2 in every way! The game has been out for about a month and most high profile games usually sell their most within the first month!

Anyway, Gears 3 will do what is expected of it.

Objective4838d ago

Anyone who has downloaded the preview of the multiplayer of Gears 3 will see immediately the vast improvement in graphics.

Gamer_Z4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

It looks the same, colors are just a bit brighter but what can you expect Xbox has never been known for pushing insane graphics and I'm not bashing the game I'm just saying it doesn't look insane like battlefield or killzone. The game is going to be awesome just not the best looking anyways it's the gameplay that will make Gears one of the best titles this year.

@disagrees love is blind and so are fanboys but whatever believe what you want

Millah4838d ago

@Objective- and do you expect the fanboys to be objective as well?

It doesn't matter whats shown to them, or what the facts are. The disc could be covered in red and they would argue that its clearly green.

joab7774838d ago

Honestly, I hope a game that releases as an exclusive w the backing of all the money in the world, released 7 months later does look better than k3. I'm not sure if it will but i play them botha nd love them both. Epic will do a great job and unlike k3, gow3 will get the support it deserves from Microsoft as it is their sole flagship this year. I was so disappointed w Sony's advertising for k3. Guerilla delivered and i guarantee if it released on Xbox, it would probably have sold 3x as much by now. Its sad to me.

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MaxXAttaxX4838d ago

Gears 3 looks the way Gears 2 should have looked like.

We've seen bigger jumps from other games before.
But the graphics in the Gears games took for ever to transition.

Nice to see they've FINALLY improved the freaking lighting! LOL

OneSneakyMofo4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Didn't Epic Games release like 30 bullshots of Gears 2? Until the images look like the game, 360 fans need to stop creaming their undies.

Here's a link to the Gears 2 bullshots:

RedDragan4838d ago

A $1000 PC will destroy anything on the 360 visually.

Kurt Russell4838d ago

^Nerd graphics clowns^

This game will be great regardless of what it does or doesn't look better than. It will sell well which in turn will lead to some people loving it, and other people hating it.

Arguing graphics is probably the single most pointless and nerdy things to spend your life doing... As next year the games will look better than this, the year after that; better still and so on and so forth... All the way up until nuclear winter comes.

"bu-bu-bu-but" - Stfu.

Objective4838d ago

There is actually a video of 4 players playing a multiplayer co-op campaign in Gears 3, and if you have ever played Gears of War 1 or 2 even, you'll be able to see straight away that Gears 3 is quite a leap in graphics (and some pretty cool new gameplay elements too).

@ Gamer_Z - you mentioned KZ3 and BF and conspiciously left out Crysis 2... whose love is blind I wonder?

jetlian4838d ago

your beating a dead horse. they have never shown an image beating gears 1 even.. they All talk!

crysis and bulletstorm both at the top. They just now getting good looking games with splitscreen hell KZ3 isn't even split its a mess

yet reach does 4 player split and online but thats nothing special in their eyes. Oh 360 can't do more than 16 people online yet now they adding splitscreen RE3 locked at 16 go figure!

Jezuz4838d ago

i now confirm Istanbull is a complete fanboy

paintsville4838d ago

Wow this is Awesome. This game will easily crush Anything exclusive on ps3. Epic really knows their stuff. Gears Of War baby!

Rashonality4838d ago

you can do better than that

PraxxtorCruel4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Graphics, graphics and more graphics? Is that all you PS3 users got going for you? Why don't you just go watch your cutscenes whilst we do the gaming.

I just don't get it, you're supposedly supposed to have so many exclusives and more to come yet you're all here continuing to bash the 360 and boast about graphics and how 360 is not on par with the ps3. What's the point of your 20 exclusives if not even one can keep you of this site? At least we have a reason to be here (360 users) but with all the games ps3 has what reasons do you have? Maybe the gameplay on most of them didn't turn out to be so good, but you'd put that all aside just for the graphics, right?

Looking back now, whenever I've seen a ps3 game do well, the only thing anyone can say about it is 'graphics'. Do you actually play games on a ps3, you know involve yourself in it, or is it just CGI from the start to the end.

WhittO4838d ago

the lighting is much better

SixShotCop4837d ago

This game is going to be beautiful. I can't freakin wait!! For those who are complaining, how about you guys go find something to play?

tokugawa4837d ago

instanbull, and all the idiot agrees...lol

quick just forget that crysis 2 destroys gears in the graphics department.

and, lets not forget that it makes every idiotic sony fanboy look like the idiots they are when they said/still try and say that the 360 is/was maxed!!

crysis 2 served the crow for you idiots. infact, being as i own a ps3/360, i can say that crysis 2 is up there with the "greatezt excluzivez" on the ps3.... exclusives that i own myself.

just imagine what crytek could have done if they had made crysis 2 exclusive to either console??

SixShotCop4837d ago

I can't wait to see some in game footage for Codename: Kingdoms. An exclusive Crytek game on 360 is sure to make the haters hate.

MaxXAttaxX4837d ago

Hope the multiplayer isn't broken this time around, instead.