Crysis 2 Console Conflict Solved

The past week or so has been full of gossip and argument concerning Crytek’s new FPS beast Crysis 2. Magazines and critics across Europe and North America have been noting discrepancies between the PS3 and 360 console versions, many claiming that the 360 edition is clearly superior. It appears though that the conflict has been solved

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Doctorofreality2982d ago

Tommorow!!!! Wooop. Agreed, folks are getting a bit too good at whining. GO make a better game then tell them how to do it.

TBM2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Hmm since I own both consoles I don't see the conflict. I'll be playing this on PS3 because I wont buy for Live if I chose to play the online multiplayer.

See now that wasn't so hard now was it?

Baka-akaB2981d ago

This , and same oes for someone choosing the 360 version .

People buy games for the console they own period . And if they own both , they go where their friends are or their favorite one.

Rarely , if ever based on some screenshot comparison .

inveni02981d ago

I game on PC and PS3, and my choice does sometimes find itself affected by a difference in visual fidelity. Up to now, the difference was never so huge that I felt the need to game on PC (as I prefer lying in bed and playing on the big screen). But with some upcoming DX11 games (like BF3), I can see myself being pressured more into going for the PC version. But, again, the difference will have to be substantial.

paintsville2980d ago

Well it's official. Xbox 360 version is the best console release. But it's been said over and over and over. How many times to ps3 fanboys have to hear it. Face it 360 is the superior console version, and crysis is the best looking game of all time. That means xbox has the best looking game of all time.

badz1492980d ago

your comment is as stupid as always! official says who? you? KZ3 is still among the best looking and Crysis2 doesn't even perform consistently on any console and not even native HD! the trade-off for "looks" that Crytek took was unnecessary IMO! sub-HD and 24fps average is nothing to brag about!

MysticStrummer2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

lol Sure pantsville. When the PS3 version of a multiplat has lower rez, worse AA, worse framerate, and more screen tearing, the 360 version is always declared the victor even though the differences might be miniscule in reality. Why is it that C2 can display all of those issues and more (bad AI, less going on onscreen) when compared to KZ3, and yet you still declare the 360 to be the winner? Truly amazing. What good are the large environments if the AI doesn't make you use them? If you really want large environments and AI that makes you pay for your mistakes, play Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. If you want better console visuals, play KZ3 or one of several other PS3 exclusives.

MaxXAttaxX2980d ago

PS3 has the overall visuals plus no screen tear.

360 has the better frames and resolution.

On consoles, of course.

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Queefy_B2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Press agree if instead of reading the stupid comparison you click on the emma watson photoshoot and done the business :P dont tell my wife :)

edit @ HIP14 cool story kid now back to bed before your caught on the internet after 9pm.

Call_me_Ishmael2981d ago

are you the real cliffy b,thats always bitchin about stuff?

TheHip142982d ago

I think the 360 is a slight step up from the PS3

btk2982d ago

"For Crysis 2 for PlayStation 3 is just as nice as it is the Xbox 360. There exists a certain difference in the resolution, which is not noticeable / visible. Equivalent versions, in other words. And I must correct myself in my review promptly"

B1663r2981d ago

Ahh yes, but a sweedish reviewer who doesn't appear to even be named says they are exactly alike.

This post translated by Google

evrfighter2981d ago

we're still at this point?


This has gone beyond sad. I feel bad for console gamers. I really do.

RedSky2981d ago

If any of you truly cared about more than minor nitpicks, you would have gotten a PC already.

units2981d ago

so does digital foundry

'360 has the edge in terms of visuals and general performance'

anubis562981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I agree

@the Disagrees

thegreatest78842982d ago

It doesn't look any different to me. How about the fanboys stop complaining and play the game? That way everybody wins!

CaptainMarvelQ82981d ago

the damage has already been done
people who have two consoles will buy the xbox version seeing as how the demo+internet made the ps3's version look like the inferior one

Ju2981d ago

I got the game yesterday. It's a mixed bag, imho. Some things look awesome but then I have the feeling it just doesn't go beyond being a great multiplatform game. I am a little bit disappointed. The visuals don't live up to the hype. I was hoping this could be a good looking CoD killer, but there the gameplay can't keep up.

This is just not a console game, vast environments which do basically nothing for the gameplay. Leads to real troubles with visuals close up because so much is dedicated into "landscaping". Nice lightning but everything else is quite underwhelming. From user interface to design decisions, this does feel like a PC game running on consoles. Well I have it now despite my isues with the first title, I might as well get over it. PS3 gamers have choices anyway, so no biggy there.

Active Reload2980d ago

Your first mistake was looking at it as a COD killer.

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