Crysis 2: PC vs. Xbox 360 & PS3 - Singleplayer Graphics Comparison

Here's another huge graphics comparison for Crysis 2. Shots are from the singleplayer campaign and it's PC vs. Xbox 360 and of course PS3. PC wins, 360 looses. No question.

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ardivt4327d ago

"Die schlechteste Optik ist erneut auf der Xbox 360 zu finden."

once again the 360 version delivers the worst graphical experience.
I didn't know that...

esperanza4327d ago

true... just take a look at the ugly textures on pic 1... PC ftw.

Pixelated_Army4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Light levels are over saturated and the dark areas hide texture detail on the 360 version. if not for the slightly higher rez textures, the 360 would be total garbage. And when you add the screen tear to that list, it's just a big bowl of yuck.

A pretty game like Crysis 2 you want to see it's visuals and not have anything ruin the experience... you definitely won't get that with the 360 version.

Ace_19754327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

lol at PS3 fanboys so bitter that the 360 version has a consitently better framerate throughout the game . PS3 version is last, fact.

callahan094327d ago

They're the same. Good god. There's some benefits and drawbacks in both versions, both are so hardly noticeable that anybody who just buys one version of the game is never going to have to worry about whether they made the wrong decision.

ThanatosDMC4327d ago

He cant accept that since he finally has something good to look at.

BK-2014327d ago

The difference is menial and the 360 has more screen tear so it evens out.

chak_4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

For the curious PC gamers I've got plenty of screens here

Might spoil places so at our own risk :)

edit : maxed out (extreme)

Pacman3214327d ago

Honestly so many comparisons of this game now, can't we all just be friends and say the game looks equal on consoles?

B1663r4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

Well the point of contention is, C2 is the best looking game on consoles(not only does ign say that but cvg is saying it is best looking game as well) , and it runs 3fps faster on the xbox.


Having said that, ~sometimes~ when you engage stealth mode while in direct veiw of enemies, it breaks their ai, and they keep walking towards where you were and if they get hooked on the landscape they are easy to walk up to and kill... Getting in their cone of vision fixes them and they run around and try to kill you again. But if they are pointed at a wall...

But anyhow, there it is, and that is why all the butt hurt crying...

EDIT: learn to read, but not only does ign say that it is best looking game, but so does CVG.

BK-2014327d ago

Sorry but 1 editor from IGN won't change the fact that Crysis 2 is NOT the best looking game on consoles. KZ3 runs at a higher resolution and a very stable 30 fps with NO screen tear while having plenty of chaos in the background. I can't wait for Digital Foundry to do their analysis and shut you idiots up.

darkman864327d ago

nowgamer Comparison Better and it's showing ps3 version is best u can go to the site and make sure u download all images and see the truth ! F*** ign

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