Video: How to play Crysis 2 on PS3 with a mouse

If you’re a PC gamer who still can’t get the hang of analog controllers in first person shooters the guys at Splitfish have a gadget for you called the FragFX Shark. With the release of Crysis 2 Splitfish decided to run special edition themed Crysis mouse mats to go along with the packages.

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blazsox2764d ago

Interesting. Wonder how it would have worked if Move support was included.

theonlylolking2763d ago

They should of had mouse and keyboard support for this game on PS3.

Active Reload2763d ago

"They should of had mouse and keyboard support for this game on PS3."

Sony's 1st party studios don't even support it, so why would Crytek? The only company that I know who actually did this, is one that's usually insulted by the n4g crowd, and that was Epic Studios UT 3...

NanoSoldier2763d ago

I'm fine with my controller ... dualshock or xbox controller, if I want mouse and key I play PC.

Mr PS32763d ago

And later
How to play Crysis 2 on PS3 with a Monkey

GrandTheftZamboni2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I hope so. My mouse's hands are too small for controller.

mc-fine2763d ago

The EagleEye for the PS3 works very well with Crysis 2. These peripherals tend to work best with games that originated with mouse/kb setups as primary input devices.

v0rt3x2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I had to laugh at this - this is exactly why we have multiplatform titles. The idea of playing a game on the PS3 with a mouse, stems from PC players who are uncomfortable using console controllers - playing console exlusive titles like Killzone.

But with a "multiplatform" title like Crysis 2 - if you want to use the mouse, buy the PC edition!

bobrea2763d ago

If you're a PC gamer, why would you be buying Crysis ona console in the first place?

tigertron2763d ago

because you might not have a good enough PC? or prefer the PS3/360 controller?

bobrea2763d ago

The minimum specs for crysis aren't THAT insane, though. It requires a decent computer but nothing incredible if you run it at a low resolution amongst other things. And generally a PC gamer would prefer a M/KB combo...hence being a PC gamer.

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