Crysis 2: How To Make CryEngine 3 Do What You Want!

Crysis 2 occupies CryEngine 3. PCG shows how you make the Next-Gen-Engine do what you want. Check the story!

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FinalSpartan2765d ago

how come there is a absence of the map editor on consoles :( disappointing. Far Cry Instincts and 2 had full blown editors on consoles.

Pandamobile2765d ago

Lol, are you seriously wanting the full-blown CryEngine 3 sandbox editor on consoles?

BeastlyRig2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

it's harder to create with console!! On PC you can edit textures in photoshop & put it in the game you can do these things on consoles!!

Even skryim will release their creation kit on pc!

Im sure they could make it on console but It would have to be very streamed lined & cut down for controllers!

Jocosta2765d ago

I can't post what I want it to do.